About Steve’s Real Food

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Steve’s Real Food is the pioneer in raw pet food manufacturing.  We were the first commercial raw brand on the market in 1998, and since that time we have continually worked to create the perfect raw food diet for your pet.  We have made our company successful by providing the highest quality product available on the market at a reasonable price.  We keep overhead low, so the price you pay for food goes straight to its quality.  We don’t have a large sales team pushing our product – we let it sell itself.  Chances are you are reading this not because you saw an ad, but because a friend told you about Steve’s Real Food. We know your pet will enjoy it, and we hope you will spread the word in your turn. You are our sales force.  Thank you for sharing the word and bringing better health to pets in your area.

What Makes Steve’s Real Food Unique?

Steve’s Brown, our founder, was a nutritional researcher and is to this day a well-respected voice in the field.  He formulated the first commercial raw pet food in the United States, and since then we have worked to make his formula even better as new research has emerged. Our formula has been carefully crafted to give your pet maximum nutrition and bioavailability, and the results speak for themselves.  Take a look at our testimonials to see what pet parents like yourselves have to say.

Steve’s Real Food stands out from the competition:
  • Convenient Packaging – We have put a great deal of time into research and development of more than just our formulas.  Our nugget packaging is easy to open, easy to pour and easy to close; making feeding as simple as pouring a bowl of cereal. Our patties are divided by paper, making them easy to pull apart and saving you money on extra packaging.
  • Top Quality Ingredients – Our ingredient value is 20% greater than any other high-quality raw food. This extra punch is because we use grass-fed, free-range meats with higher nutritional value, and we use ingredients like coconut oil to increase the bioavailability of the rest of the food.
  • Fresh Produce – Steve’s Real Food is more than just meat.  Our formula is 20% vegetables, fruits, and supplements, to provide your pet the vitamins, trace minerals, and anti-carcinogens it needs to live a healthy life.
  • Transparency – We are a full-disclosure company.  We are proud of our quality control methods, our ingredient sources, and our nutritional value, so we make all the information you need to know publically available.  Our customers do their research, and the more discerning a client is, the more likely they are to end up with Steve’s.
  • Affordable Raw – Keeping overhead low means we can keep our prices low, too. Our formulas are designed to give your pet optimal nutrition at an affordable price.
  • Going Beyond the Food – Steve’s Real Food genuinely cares about pet health.  We are education based, which means we are always creating content to help educate our customers about raw food, nutritional science, and the current state of the market. We are not only a pet food company; we are an educational resource for those wishing to learn about raw food.

18 Year Reputation

We were the first raw to be commercially distributed back in 1998 and we have been making pet’s happy and healthy ever since. See read a few of our success stories to see what we have been doing over the years.

Read more about what sets us apart on The Steve’s Real Food Difference page.


We buy only the highest quality human-grade ingredients, all inspected and certified by the USDA.  We use only cage free and hormone free poultry.  The farmers we buy from only use antibiotics to treat their animals if they show signs of illness. They only use antibiotics under direct veterinary supervision.  Cage-free animals are very healthy and rarely become ill.  If a veterinarian prescribes antibiotics, the animal that received antibiotics is weaned off of the medication several days before processing and tested for antibiotic residue in its system.  If antibiotics are found to be present, the animal is not processed.

Also, we only use free range, grass fed, 100% hormone, 100% antibiotic free and USDA/BSE certified & inspected beef.

We research and check each company we buy ingredients from to ensure quality, safety and the humane treatment of their animals.  Our fruits and vegetables are Non-GMO 100% pesticide free. 


We manufacture our food under USDA and HACCP guidelines. We sterilize the processing equipment several times a day to prevent any possibility of contamination.  Every person that enters the facility wears sterilized clothing and footwear, hair nets, and gloves. Our inspectors have expressed how clean and well-maintained our facilities are. After production, we store the food at -27 degrees until it arrives at your retailer.


The road has been long for Steve’s real food, starting 18 years ago when Steve’s Brown developed a raw pet food diet and decided he wanted to sell it retail stores. From partnerships with investors to buyouts from employees, there is a long tail to be told. Watch the story unfold in the short, funny video below.