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Nicole Lindsley, Top Dog

Where are you from?

I was born in Portland, Oregon, and although I have spent the better part of my life in Utah I will always consider myself an Oregonian. Once you get webbed feet, they don’t go away.

What is your role at Steve’s?

My primary function is to make sure this ship does not sink; however, the jobs I enjoy the most are the ones that require my creative skills. I love talking to retailers to find out what customers are demanding and merging that with the latest nutritional data to develop cutting edge products. There is not much that is more rewarding than being able to take an idea and transform that into something that a customer wants. When I see posts on Facebook with rave reviews about products I created, I am filled with deep satisfaction.

When did you start working for Steve’s?

I suppose you could say that I started working for Steve’s during family dinners on Sunday nights where we would bounce ideas back and forth about new proteins and talk about the different shows my parents were going to. However, I did not get an actual paycheck until 2010 when I moved corporate headquarters from Eugene, OR to the living room of my apartment in Salt Lake City. I am grateful to say it did not take long before we could get office space.

Do you have any children? Tell us a little about them:

I have a 7 year old daughter and two step-kids who are 9 and 11. They keep my life busy with soccer games, karate practice, gymnastics and drama club. I am very lucky to have help from my husband and many other family members who never hesitate to step in when needed. My blended family is completed with our two dogs, two cats and 3 chickens. When my 11 year old asked for a kitten for Christmas, I did consider it, but had to draw the line until we move to the farm in the country.

Do you have any pets? How many and what breeds?

All my furry family members are rescues so there is no definite breed but I know Kobe has neurotic Border Collie in him and Tootsie is my loveable retriever/chow. Simon the short-hair cat is my hunter and keeps the mice away from my chicken coop while Cali, the princess, spends the better part of the day by the heater vent warming herself. As for the chickens, they are Road Island Reds that provide 3 delicious eggs a day.

What is your work/education background and how did it lead you to Steve’s?

I graduated from Westminster College in 2002 and have been in many different positions from staffing to sales. Before taking a job with Steve’s Real Food I had spent 6 years in project management doing software development. When that company sold and my roles changed, I found myself at a fork in the road where I could make a drastic change or stay on course and risk ending up in a stagnant position. I opted for the change and have not regretted that choice for one day.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I have no specific place I would want to go, but rather any place that changes the way you understand life. Somewhere that the experience is diverse and takes you far from your norm. That does not mean that a quiet beach in Mexico where all you have is a good book and a cold beer is not desirable as well.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

My friends would not call me adventurous so answering this question with “jumping out of an airplane in New Zealand” would be a complete lie. It would be nice to learn to play the guitar.

What is your favorite part about working with animals or at Steve’s?

There is not one singularly great part about what I do. My favorite day of the week is Monday. I drive into the office excited about all the things that I will be doing that day. I feel so blessed to have a passion that I get to work on all day every day and make real change for pets and the people that care about them so much.”


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Shantel Goodrich, Mastermind of all Things Scientific

Director of Veterinary Consulting

Where are you from?

I was born in Ogden Utah, and I was raised in Roosevelt City in the eastern part of Utah.

What is your role at Steve’s?

My Role at Steve’s involves a few jobs all rolled up into one. I manage operations and logistics, vendor management, all accounting, AP/AR, I assist in the areas of product research and development, and lead the veterinary task force and community outreach programs. Whew!”

<H%>When did you start working for Steve’s?

I began working for Steve’s part time in November, 2014, then proceeded to Full-time in September 2015.

Do you have any children? Tell us a little about them.

I have one daughter and 1 son.  Each of them are very different from the other.  Tationa, my daughter, is 27 years old.  She lives her life here in Salt Lake City, where she shares more of my grounded side.  She has always been extremely family oriented, loves to care for animals and enjoys the simple aspects in her every day ventures; where as my son, who is 29 years old has the tendency to fly more freely.  He is an internationally acclaimed Fashion Editor and has been featured in many publications as well as keeps his focus on brand development and marketing with an overall familiarity on being a visual artist.  My daughter is having her first child in 2016, but I am way too young to be a grandma!”

Do you have any pets? How many and what breeds?

I currently have 2 dogs, Dora and Cruz.  Dora the “aDorable” is my 3 yr. old Mastiff who enjoys making us smile everyday with her silly antics along with her “morning singing” routine.  Dora is one win away from obtaining her AKC Grand Championship.  Cruz, my 3 yr. old Rottweiler enjoys nose work, carting, and obedience and a good snuggle on the bed with mom.  He has earned his AKC Championship.  Both of my dogs enjoy spending their summers swimming, boating, and dock diving at the lake.  They have been great companions on our adventures to the red sands of Moab as well as keeping us company hiking throughout our many great trails in life.”

What is your work/education background and how did it lead you to Steve’s?

I have been a veterinary technician/nurse since 1993, obtaining my license from Washington State in 1997 in Animal Health Technology.  I started my Veterinarian Technician career in general practice and moved into specializing in Veterinary Ophthalmology in 1997, and expanding into Practice/Operations Management in 1999.  After 17 years of exploring that avenue I decided to follow a different path into animal nutrition.  This is where I found Steve’s.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

My adventurous side along with my passion and love for animals has always lead me into wanting to visit the mountain gorillas in the Virunga Volcanic Mountains of Central Africa, also on that list would be Borneo, Cambodia, New Zealand, Nepel and the list goes on.  In 1999 I had the opportunity of doing a humanitarian mission to Peru, where I spent time in Urubamba Valley, hiking the Inca trail into Machu Picchu as well as venturing into the Peruvian Amazon.  This humanitarian mission provided me the experience which I will never forget and drives me to fulfill future human and animal conservation work.

What is one thing on your bucket list?

Choosing one of the many-multi day hiking trials in the world and just taking off, I love hiking and just being outside, so just picking up that backpack and seeing the world on foot.”

What is your favorite part about working with animals or Steve’s?

My favorite part in working with animals is being able to provide extensive care through knowledge along with being their advocate. I enjoy helping others through the education I’ve received in finding ways of promoting health longevity.  This is something I get extreme gratification from.  Steve’s gives me the opportunity to just be myself and supports my vision for healthier pets


Dana Singleton, Brainchild of Enhance

Director of Marketing and Sales

Dana’s bio is coming soon.


Tara Hancock, Retailer Support Representative Extraordinaire 

and Directory of Shipping

Where are you from?

I was born in Ogden, UT and lived there my entire life until I move to Salt Lake City and started working for Steve’s.

What is your role at Steve’s?

I am willing and able to do just about anything and Nicole relies on me quite a bit. On any given day you may find me answering customer questions, putting training material together or picking up Nicole’s daughter from school.

When did you start working for Steve’s?

I started working for Steve’s in September, 2015.

Do you have any children? Tell us a little about them:

I have two children with birthdays very far apart. My 18 year old daughter is attending Weber State University to get her CNA, while my 7 year old son is at the top in his 2nd grade class.  I can only hope that he follows in his sisters foot steps and stays active in sports while maintaining near perfect grades.  The two of them are the light of my life and everything I do is for them.

Do you have any pets? How many and what breeds?

I have 2 dogs. Foxy is a Red Heeler with so much energy I can’t keep up with her. She got her name from her distinct tail which looks just like a fox’s. Simon is a Jack Russel Terrier with a heart of gold. He always wants to be near you spends most of the waking hours hoping you will sit down so that he can curl up in your lap.

What is your work/education background and how did it lead you to Steve’s?

I am a jack of all trades. I have worked as bail bondsman, attorney’s assistant, housekeeper, construction assistant and cosmetologist. I am proud to say I am NOT a beauty school dropout. I attested Stacey’s Beauty School where I  received my cosmetology licence in 2009. I worked in a few salons up until we moved to Salt Lake where I came to work for Steve’s Real Food. I still do cosmetology on the side when I am not at the office.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and why?

I will be honest I am not a fan of flying. Therefore I want to go somewhere that has the shortest flight to a tropical destination. From Salt Lake that would be Hawaii. I just got engaged so maybe that can be my honeymoon!

What is one thing on your bucket list?

The one thing on my bucket list would be to become successful enough so my family will be taken care of. And of course go sky diving.  J.K.!

What is your favorite part about working with animals or Steve’s?

I love that I work with the most amazing smart girls that are always willing to help. 🙂

Support Staff

Leo, Iggy and Calico Cate – Office Kitties

Leo, Iggy and Calico Cate perform the essential roles of playing, eating succulents, making messes, taste testing, walking between people and computer screens, and making startling crash noises in empty rooms. Iggy is Nicole’s 17 year old cat who does not do well with dogs so has taken residence at the office. Leo and Cali were discovered abandoned in a local nature preserve area at a week old, and are now raw advocates who love the Steve’s Real Food Chicken Diet!

dog in lab coat

Ryan, Manufacturing Manager

As manufacturing manager, Ryan has been the number one person that has ensured every batch of Steve’s Real Food meets its quality standards and is a safe, fresh product.  Beyond everyday operations, Ryan is also a go-to person in engineering new ways to manufacture product that improves quality and allows us to develop new products.

Mark, Warehouse Manager

Our product would not make it onto the shelves without Mark.  Spending all day in a frozen warehouse, Mark coordinates all ingredients coming in and all products going out.  It takes a impressive person to be able to put on snow pants in the middle of June and work in a freezer all day.  We are grateful for him daily contributions to the company.

Steve Brown, Founder 

Steve is the pioneer in the commercially manufactured raw meat pet food industry. In the early 80’s Steve’s got his start in the pet industry when he teamed with some breeders to develop the Charlee Bear Dogs®. From there he went on to develop treats and eventually developed Steve’s Real Food the first AAFCO-compliant, frozen, raw diet. Although Steve Brown originally formulated our food, he is no longer associated with the company in any capacity.


Gary Bursell, CEO (retired but honored!)

Our former CEO worked in the pet food industry since 1978, and has seen the negative effects of feeding dogs & cats cooked grain-based pet foods.  He started with Steve’s Real Food in 2002.  His pet industry experience has made him a key player in ensuring that the Steve’s product line is the highest quality product with all natural, wholesome ingredients.  Until his retirement in 2014, he continued to push the envelope and constantly looked for new products to bring to market that would enhance your pets health and wellness.