We believe in Adoption

Dog on rails with suitcases. The dog looks for the house. The dog waits for the owner. The lost dog. Mongrel on the road. Dog on rails. Dog with suitcases. Not purebred dog on the road. Traveler. Vagrant dog. Tramp.


Here at Steve’s we encourage you to visit your local rescue group, shelter or humane society when on the search for your four-legged companions.  There are thousands of wonderful dogs and cats that need loving homes.  Although you cannot get a papered, purebred pet, you can find many animals that are in need of love and rescuing, and often mixed breeds can be healthier than some purebreds. We have worked with organizations such as CAWS, Canines With a Cause and Best Friend Animal Sanctuary. The people that run these organizations are hard working, selfless animal lovers who do everything they can to stop pets from getting euthanized. Please support your local rescue group with your time, money or adoption.