New Compostable Package

November 16, 2011

In November of this year we started national distribution of our new compostable packaging, furthering our environmental commitment.  The new bag is made with a film called NVIRO® (sounds like enviro) which is comprised of renewable and compostable materials and printed with low VOC water-based inks and adhesives.  This is a new breed of flexible packaging and we are excited to be making waves in both the pet food and packaging industry.  

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Contact: Nicole Lindsley
Phone: 801-638-8873



Steve’s Continues to be an Industry Leader by Being the First to Use NVIRO® Compostable Packaging

November 1st 2011; Steve’s Real Food continues to reduce their carbon footprint by bringing to market their new packaging created from a revolutionary film comprised of plant and corn starches which can compost in a municipal composting environment in 10-40 days (ASTM 6400). This exciting change for Steve’s is just another illustration of the company’s “green commitment”.

Expectedly, an all natural pet food company would be in touch with mother earth, but Steve’s is one of the first to fully commit to a green way of life.  It starts with locally sourcing their ingredients from smaller family owned farms in the Pacific Northwest. We support the local farmers because “these are the guys that care and understand the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly farming and the positive impact is has on our environment”, says Gary Bursell, president and CEO. Gary also notes that “since day one, Steve’s has focused on using humanely and locally raised animals in all of their products. All of our protein sources are hormone, and steroid free.”

SRF’s believes it is their responsibility to offer their customers products that do not impact the environment negatively. When it came time to update the look of the packaging they decided to look for a packaging material that was eco-friendly.  “We contacted several flexible packaging vendors only to find ‘bio-degradable’ packaging takes at least 6 years to decompose.” says Nicole Lindsley, Project Manager.  “I really wanted a solution that was green, not just one that sounded green. We wanted a product that would decompose more quickly”.  Eagle Flexible Packaging had just that.  They introduced Steve’s to, NVIRO® Flexible Packaging, a ground-breaking product that is green from the zipper to the sealant.  NVIRO® Flexible Packaging utilizes materials derived from renewable resources – corn and plant starches, which allow it to compost in a municipal composting environment. The new Steve’s bag is also produced using water based inks which are lower in volatile organic compounds (less than 5% VOCs).  Nicole notes that in addition to Eagle Flexible Packaging being eco-focused, EFP facilities are fully accredited and US based.  It is unique in the packaging industry to produce products in the USA with ingredients sourced locally. “When picking a vendor it is important that they represent your product’s mission and goals.  You can’t say you support local business but then buy one of your most costly inventory items from China” says Nicole.


The company plans to complete the green packaging project in January of 2012 replacing their 10lb bag with a similar green solution.  They are currently testing the bag strength to ensure it can meet Steve’s future demands.

About Steve’s Real Food

Steve’s Real Food, an industry leader, has been manufacturing all natural raw pet food since 1998.  The super premium pet food is made with 100% human grade ingredients.  Each diet is free of; grains, antibiotics, hormones, steroids and pesticides and is available as either raw frozen or raw freeze dry. 


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What’s Wrong With Grain Free Kibble?

November 9, 2011

Dr. Karen Becker is a renown veterinarian who has a reputation for her proactive approach to animal nutrition.  She is passionate about educating pet parents and does so through videos, articles and books.  In her latest video on she covers the topic of the increasingly popular grain free kibbles.  Take a look: 

Video: What’s Wrong With the Newest Grain-Free Craze?


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New Jersey Distributor Problems

September 7, 2011

If you are one of our New Jersey retailers who no longer can get product from your New Jersey distributor please contact us so we can give you the updated information on who can distributor product to you. We apologize for this inconvenience, but have a immediate solution which should cause no problems with supply.

Contact: Nicole Lindsley –

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Causes of Allergies

June 19, 2011

An allergy is your body’s way of dealing with a unknown protein.  It uses an inflammatory response to drive out these foreign invaders that it does not know what to do with.  Robyn O’Brien talks at TED about the rise of food allergies and it’s link to deadly diseases.  It is the genetic engineering and added hormones in commercially process foods that can be the explanation for this.


It may not be that your dog is allergic to chicken, but it is allergic to the hormones or steroids in the chicken.



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Strut Your Mutt

May 19, 2011

Saturday May 21st we will be joining thousands of other mutt stutters in order to raise money for No More Homeless Pets In Utah. We are teaming up with the PawsZow dog pack and looking forward to the festivities. If you want to strut with us, join the team by going to our Donner page here. If you are already registerd be sure to come by the booth and buy some food or treats. We will be donating the proceeds from all sales to No More Homeless Pets.


Veterans Memorial Park
7800 S, 2011 W


Check-in Starts at 8:00 and the walk is at 9:15
The festivities will end around noon


There is more then just a walk in the park.  There will be lots of entertainment:

  • Dog Agility Courses
  • Live Music
  • Food Vendors
  • Pet Product Vendors
  • Demonstrations
  • Contests

Join the PawsZOW dog pack for a post walk VIP lunch at the Real Food booth and to BeDazzel your own doggie bandanna.

Strut Your Mutt

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