New Enhance Products

May 16, 2017

Spring has sprung and so has two great new products from Steve’s Real Food!


PurrGurt a Feline Centered Enhance Product for Urinary Health


Eggs Over Easy a 100% protein food topper



PurrGurt is our newest addition to the Enhance product line! It starts with whole raw krill and salmon oil to tantalize the taste buds and then adds in a herbal cockTAIL that helps balance the PH in the urinary tract system. This product is perfect for both CATS and Dogs with stones, crystals, urinary tract problems. We finish off this amazing treat with L-lysine to help boost your pet’s delicate immune system.

Couch Grass

Works as a disinfectant for the urinary tract by acting as an anti-inflammatory and mild diuretic, aiding in the removal of waste from the body. It is gentle on the kidneys and can help with the inflammation of kidney stones.


An antioxidant, antimicrobial, and astringent. It supports the urinary system and can lower Creatinine levels, a waste product found in the kidneys.

Beet Root

For the insoluble fiber that supports the digestive process. It also helps the liver metabolize phosphorus, an important factor for renal and kidney disease.

Mullein Leaf

To support the upper respiratory system.

Marshmallow Root

For its abilities to help the immune, urinary, and respiratory systems.


Helps strengthen the immune system which supports many other bodily functions.

We formulated PurrGurt to for cats, but it works just as well for dogs with urinary issues.

Eggs Over Easy



Not only is Eggs Over Easy great for your pet, but they love it too! Some of the pickiest dogs are going crazy for Eggs Over Easy!
Eggs Over Easy is made by freeze drying raw eggs and pork heart. It is one of the only food toppers that is 100% protein, making it perfect to add to any diet. One egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals and is loaded with nutrients that are often missing in our pet’s diet. Eggs contain high-quality raw protein and fats (in the right ratios) to help to build lean muscle mass and provide energy for all day play. Two of egg’s unique nutrients are biotin and choline.
Biotin’s (vitamin B7)

Primary function is to help metabolize carbohydrates and fats. This is what makes it a perfect topper for a kibble diet since it will help to process the non-bioavailable ingredients.


Backs up Biotin’s ability by supporting a healthy metabolism while also supporting liver function, brain development, and increasing energy.

We perfect this food topper with pork heart an incredibly nutrient dense muscle meat. It contains high levels of iron, vitamin A, Copper and Vitamin B12. These nutrients are key for energy production, immune function and the absorption of other nutrients.




These two amazing new products are shipping to retailers now so ask your local store for PurrGurt and Eggs Over Easy!


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Valentines Gifts for Your Furry Loves

February 13, 2017

It is February and we think that someone special in your life deserves something made with love. So we decided to show you how to make your pets some special Valentines gifts to show them how much we love them! First is a super simple NO-SEW heart plush toy and second is a healthy and delicious frozen treat!

N0-Sew Plush Toy

Here is what you will need:vdaypillow
  • ½ a yard of fleece material (we got ½ yard of red and ½ yard of pink to make different colors)
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie or material marker
  • Stuffing
  • Organic catnip (if you are making for cats







STEP 1 – Cut Material

Cut the material into pieces 19 ½ inches in height (how it comes off roll) and 8 ½ inches wide.

STEP 2 – Fold and Cut

You should have a rectangle piece of material.  Fold the rectangle in half horizontally, and cut in between the folded crease to create 2 squares that are the same size. Squares should be on top of each other they will stay like this.

STEP 3 – Draw Heart and Cut Strips

With your sharpie or material marker, draw a heart onto the square of material you just made. Using a stencil to draw the heart and a ruler to center it will make for a more uniform shape. Our pets are not that particular so for simplicity sake we free-handed the heart. After drawing the heart, cut the material into strips around the heart, try not to cut into the heart.

STEP 4 – Tie Strips

Start to tie the matching top and bottom strips into knots, continue doing this until you have about 3 pairs of strips left to tie.

S4Once almost all your ties are tied, you can stuff your toy with the stuffing, or stuffing and catnip for cats. You will put the stuffing into the toy through the untied ties. Once your toy is stuffed to your preference, finish tying the remaining ties.S4b


Once you have finished tying all the ties, you will have a new dog or cat toy!

Done-2 Done3










PROJECT 2 – Strawberry Raw Yogurt Pops

While you enjoy your chocolate covered strawberries, share some love for your four legged furry family member by making them a Frozen Strawberry Raw Yogurt Pop. P2S6

Here is what you’ll need:
  • 1 Banana
  • 8 strawberries
  • 1 – 4oz Steve’s Real Food Goat Milk Yogurt
  • 1 blender
  • 1 heart shaped silicone baking sheet
STEP 1 – Prep IngredientsP2S1

Make sure you wash your strawberries and remove the leaves, peel the banana, and make sure the goat yogurt is defrosted. If you forgot to defrost the yogurt simply leave it on your counter for about 30 min and then cut the top of the pouch off. You should be able to squeeze the partially defrosted yogurt out. Once that is all done put all the ingredients into your blender. Blend until smooth.

P2S2Place the silicone baking sheet on a metal backing sheet. This will make it easier to transport to your freezer. Pour the mixture into the heart shaped silicone baking sheet. Do not fuss about drips outside of the heart. You can use the back of a knife to scrape in into other hearts or off the sheet. Put the baking sheet in the freezer overnight.


We let Duckie and Harley eat what was left over!

P2S3 P2S4

Once the hearts are completely frozen remove from the freezer and “pop” out the hearts. This recipe makes a lot of hearts, we recommend sharing the love and giving them to friends and families who have their own furry family members. P2S5




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January 18, 2017


During the winter, it can be difficult to find activities to do with your dog, that doesn’t require you to put on your boots and coat. One of the things we love is making a yummy dog treat that you can enjoy with your dog while cuddling on the couch and watching your favorite flick. Here is one of our favorite recipes

Banana Chia Dog Cookies

We are always trying new and exciting crafts for our dogs! This month we tried making our own dog treats! There are many DIY recipes for dog treats. We found this simple recipe and decided to try it. These treats have three simple and nutritious ingredients and our dogs loved them!

  • 1 Banana, mashed
  • 1/4 cup Pumpkin Puree
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Flour
  • ¼ Cup Chia Seeds

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a blender or food processor blend the banana and pumpkin puree until it becomes a smooth texture. In a separate bowl mix the Coconut Flour and Chia Seeds. Pour in the Banana mixture over the chia and coconut flour and stir until it is a dough-like consistency. Knead dough into a ball and roll onto a floured surface 1/2 inch thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut the treats into the shape you want and lay on the baking sheet.

Bake for 10-15 minutes. Cool and serve with a tasty side of Raw Goat Milk. Store in the refrigerator.


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CarnaForage Ingredients

April 26, 2016


Raw Goat MilkRaw Goat Milk

Raw goat milk has 47% more Vitamin A, 25% more Vitamin B6, and 134% more potassium than its rival, cow’s milk. It is also packed with probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes, and other micronutrients that have many health-boosting properties. It soothes inflammation and relieves symptoms of IBD, Colitis, Pancreatitis and other digestive issues. Due to the lower levels of the Alpha-s1 casein which makes the curd much smaller, it’s a perfect daily supplement for dogs that are lactose intolerant. Unlike cow milk – which takes six hours to digest – goat milk can be fully digested in as little as 30 minutes. This benefits your pets because the energy used during digestion is saved and leaves room for the body to heal itself.


pile of coconut flower on a wooden cutting board

Coconut flour

Coconut flour is approximately 60% pure fiber and is used as a detoxification booster. It contains about 14% coconut oil, making it a good source of medium chain fatty acids.  It is also high in naturally occurring trace minerals. The low levels of carbohydrates reduce the glycemic index and helps with balancing blood sugar levels.  It increases metabolism, supports digestive health and is grain and gluten free.

Why are all these greens in CarnaForage?

Spinach, Kale, Parsley and Cilantro are included to make our green smoothie a high source of L-Glutamine. Glutamine is the primary energy source for the mucosal cells in the digestive tract. During periods of stress – such as with IBD – the biologic need for glutamine increases dramatically as the body tries to replace the damaged mucosal cells. Glutamine can also be very useful in reducing loss of muscle mass during times of injury, stress, or high endurance activities.


A long-time superfood, Spinach is incredibly nutrient-dense but low in calories.  It is a great source of Calcium, Vitamins K, A, C, B2, E, and B6, Iron, Folate, Manganese, magnesium, zinc, fiber, selenium, niacin, omega 3s, and copper (gasp for breath).  It has tons of flavonoids/antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals. It is high in iron, and it is anti-inflammatory, which is great for IBD, arthritis, allergies, and other inflammatory issues. Folate protects the colon and is good for the cardiovascular system, lutein promotes eye health, and it is also heart-healthy. The only downside to it is that when conventionally grown, spinach has one of the highest rates of pesticide use.  So we use pesticide-free sources, and you should for your family, too.

Kale in colander process window light background


Kale is the popular kid in school right now!  You are seeing more varieties at the grocery store, kale salads are making it to the pot-luck dinner table, and people are buying in bulk at your local warehouse store. There is good reason for it’s popularity. It is one of the highest-fiber plants available, and is one of the best natural sources for vitamin K. It also has a substantial amount of Beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and other trace minerals.  Most of the fat in Kale comes from alpha-linolenic acid, a healthy omega-3. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Its antioxidants help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and it is are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Lastly, it contains quercetin and kaempferol, which are two flavonoids that some people claim have anti-cancer properties.


Closeup of an organic spirulina algae powder in a wooden spoon on white wooden background


Spirulina is a microscopic algae with a diverse set of nutritional properties.  It has the highest protein level of any non-meat food, yet its protein is four times more absorbable than its meat-based counterparts, making it easy on the liver. It also has the highest concentration of beta carotene, vitamin b-12, iron, and trace minerals, as well as GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) of any food.  It contains phytonutrients like phycocyanin, polysaccharides, and sulfolipids that enhance the immune system, and possibly reduce the risk of infection, cancer, and autoimmune disease.  Spirulina also contains chlorophyll, which detoxifies the body.

But this isn’t all!  Spriulina has mmany other health benefits. For example, it enhances the body’s cellular communication process and ability to read and repair DNA.  This benefit improves immune system function, and fosters the generation of new blood cells.  It also increases macrophages and makes them more effective at killing germs.  The animal feed industry is studying its use as a probiotic to reduce use of antibiotics in feed animals, which is great for everyone, and it is also being studied as a way to provide crucial nutrition to third-world countries.  Spirulina promotes digestion and bowel function, suppresses bad bacteria like e-coli and candida yeast, and stimulates beneficial flora like lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  We are getting to the end, I promise!  It also reduces kidney toxicity, and contains essential fatty acids that are great for your dog’s skin and coat. Finally, it contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a very complete food, and is full of chelated minerals, trace minerals, and enzymes.

Chia seeds (lat. Salvia hispanica) on small bamboo plate photographed on slate with natural light. Chia seeds are considered a superfood containing proteins omega fats minerals and antioxidants (Selective Focus Focus one third into the chia)

Chia Seed

Chia is the ancient word in Mayan for “strength”. It has been eaten by humans since ancient times, and for good reason. It is low in calories, but high in nutrients – one ounce contains 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, manganese, magnesium, vitamins B3, B1, and B2, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, and Potassium. It is packed full of antioxidants, which fight free radicals and protect the body from cancer cells and aging.  Chia has the potential to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Fresh parsley on wooden background


The leaves, seeds, and roots can be prepared in a tea, a tincture, or dried.  It is a mild diuretic which benefits rheumatoid conditions, and helps the body eliminate uric acid, which can cause arthritis pain.  The plant is very nutritious and full of protein and trace minerals, and is great for animals with anemia.  It is especially helpful for urinary tract infections, because the oils in the leaves have antiseptic qualities.  And, of course, it freshens the breath and aids in indigestion.

Field of dandelions. First spring flowers - yellow dandelion. Shallow depth of fieldDandelion

Dandelion is one of the most complete plant foods on earth.  It has a ton of vitamin A, it is high in protein, vitamins, trace minerals, and potassium.  Dandelion ‘warms’ the digestive system, increases bile acid production, is non-irritating and helps jump start the digestive system. It reduces stress to the pancreas and help pets with an already “inflamed” digestive system, and can be beneficial in soothing Pancreatitis and other inflammatory digestive tract issues.   As a mild diuretic, it helps the body eliminate the toxins while helping replenish things like potassium.  The root is a liver tonic or stimulant, and can help improve and detox that organ. It is very gentle, and the flowers are mild pain relievers.

fresh coriander or cilantro bouquet on old wood table


Cilantro is best known because of its power to help the body cleans toxic metals – the chemical compounds in cilantro bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue.  In addition, it contains antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and dietary fiber. Its mineral content includes folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, beta carotene, and a TON of vitamin A, which is great for healthy skin and vision, and can protect from lung cancer.  It also has a ton of vitamin K, which helps strengthen bones and protect the brain from neuronal damage.

Seeds of a milk thistle with flowers (Silybum marianum Scotch Thistle Marian thistle ) on wooden table

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle has been used to treat everything from cancer to milk production in mothers, but it is most widely used for liver health.  It is a beautiful, purple flowering herb plant native to the Mediterranean region.  Its medicinally active ingredient is called Silymarin, which is actually the collective name for three flavonoids – Silibinin, Silidianin, and Silicristin, all extracted from the plants seeds. It is being studied in its effects to stop the spread of lung cancer, as well as for the prevention of skin cancer. Silymarin displaces toxins trying to bind to the liver, and stimulates the production of new liver cells to replace damaged cells. It increases glutathione levels which allows absorption of the important L-glutamine from the Kale, spinach and parsley. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, playing a role in liver detoxification and protecting the liver from oxidative stress.




Group with Bottle

As you can see, everything in our CarnaForage Enhance product is specifically designed to improve the health of your pet.  With so many great benefits, it is a fantastic way to boost your pet’s nutrition.  CarnaForage comes in a reusable glass milk bottle and an 8-ounce refill carton. On the reusable milk bottle, there is a fill line with indicates how much liquid to add. Simply fill it up, shake to re-hydrate and store in your fridge. Each day pour the recommended feeding amount onto your dog’s kibble, canned or raw food. When you have used all the product, wash the bottle and refill with any of the enhance freeze-dried milk products. The 8-ounce refill containers are designed to give your pet a full month of raw, super nutrition.







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Enhance – CannaGurt

April 12, 2016

CannaGurtTubIn June of last year,  the Steve’s Real Food team was sitting in our weekly meeting,  and we started to talk about making a goat milk product with added Cannabis. My science brain starting turning, thinking of all the great potential and health-improving possibilities that this type of product could have. Quickly to follow, the Veterinary Technician part of my brain remembered those poor “stoned” pets that had been brought in to the emergency clinic that had accidentally eaten some stash of a tasty green leaf plant they had found in a baggie somewhere in the house.

I believe that some people hear the word Cannabis and immediately they think that is it bad and alters the mind causing a “high”. They don’t have enough good information to understand that there are different components to the cannabis plant and that it is possible to get the benefits without the high.  When people don’t understand this, they are unfortunately misinformed about its great medicinal potential.

So what exactly is the difference between the psychoactive “high” and the medicinal properties of Cannabis?

Dr. Rob Silver, a veterinarian leading research and public awareness on the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana for pets, makes it really easy to understand. According to him, there are 2 main phytocannabinoid compounds to cannabis. First is the tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, which causes the psychoactive effects on the mind. The second is known as Cannabidiol, or CBD, which does not alter the mind and has been used to temper the effects of THC.

Knowing that there was a whole new door opening in the medicinal possibilities that Cannabidiol (CBD) could offer pet parents, I couldn’t wait for our new product to reach its final formulation.  We worked with Dr. Silver to make sure we fully understood the benefits and dosage of our new CBD product, and after many months, we are now finally ready to announce our new freeze-dry hemp and goat milk yogurt, Cannagurt. It is the first of a new line of products, Enhance,  designed to provide supplemental nutrition to support the healing of specific systems.

CannaGurt contains a perfect pairing of ingredients to promote a wide range of health benefits to all pets. Based on documented research and antidotal evidence, the cannabidol (CBD) has shown to have potential benefits for behavioral modification, epilepsy, chronic pain, sleep disorders, appetite improvement, nausea, and vomiting. It has potent anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial abilities. There is also ongoing research being done to quantify its ability to help with Cancer pain and for pets undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy.

Group with Bottle

Our product contains 3 ingredients: Raw Goat Milk, Hemp Protein, and Hemp Oil – the last of which contains the CBD.

The Hemp protein supplies an added burst of Omega fatty acids for heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits. Partner that with the goat milk yogurt, which contains over 50 nutrients, including vitamins A, C, B1, B12 and E, minerals, enzymes, citric acid, amino acids, fatty acids, and electrolytes, six probiotic strains, and the final ingredient, CBD, and you have a power food with endless healing possibilities.

After the first batch of CannaGurt was produced in November, Steve’s did a feeding trial with it, sending it out to some special pets that we thought could benefit with the aid of the Cannabidiol. We had pets with veterinarian diagnosed health issues such as anxiety, arthritis, seizures, chronic pain and post-operative surgical pain try the CannaGurt for 1 month. We closely monitored any changes with the pets, and what we heard back from these pet parents was overwhelming – even better than we had initially thought it would be.

Some of the feedback we had:

An unidentifiable womans hand holds Medical Marijuana aka Pot, D“Elliot our 10-year-old Bernese mountain dog finished his CannaGurt and I could not have been more pleased with the results. It helped him in many ways, I noticed that he was able to get up from lying down without any struggle and he actually started to show interest in initiating us to play with his favorite ball.  In the mornings, he used to be stiff and since on the CannaGurt he wasn’t stiff in the mornings anymore.  We finished the feeding trial and within days noticed that he again became less active and had more trouble getting up, can we please have some more CannaGurt?”

“We noticed after only 10 days on the Cannagurt that Gus seemed less stressed and anxious.  For the first time ever I was able to cut his nails all by myself, this has NEVER happened, it has always taken 2 of us and he gets so stressed.  He was calm and had no issues with his nail trim.  We loved what the CannaGurt did for Gus!”

“Since starting the CannaGurt feeding trial with our dog Smokey we noticed that it took only about 5 days before we saw a difference in his movement.  He has a large fatty mass on his shoulder that was inhibiting him to move well.  We started the CannaGurt and noticed he had more good days with getting around.  We also had the mass removed and continued on the CannaGurt after surgery. We feel that it helped him to recover and help with pain as well.  We would love to continue on this wonderful product.”

global2Hearing those amazing responses come back has given us the extra motivational boost to get CannaGurt out there and start helping Enhance the health of pets that can benefit from CannaGurt.

Ask your local retailer about Steve’s CannaGurt, and if they haven’t heard about it, or aren’t carrying it yet, let them know what a benefit this may be for your pet.

We will be announcing the rest of our new Enhance line in the coming days. Stay tuned!




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