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April 12, 2016

CANNAGURTIn June of last year,  the Steve’s Real Food team was sitting in our weekly meeting,  and we started to talk about making a goat milk product with added Cannabis. My science brain starting turning, thinking of all the great potential and health-improving possibilities that this type of product could have. Quickly to follow, the Veterinary Technician part of my brain remembered those poor “stoned” pets that had been brought in to the emergency clinic that had accidentally eaten some stash of a tasty green leaf plant they had found in a baggie somewhere in the house.

I believe that some people hear the word Cannabis and immediately they think that is it bad and alters the mind causing a “high”. They don’t have enough good information to understand that there are different components to the cannabis plant and that it is possible to get the benefits without the high.  When people don’t understand this, they are unfortunately misinformed about its great medicinal potential.

So what exactly is the difference between the psychoactive “high” and the medicinal properties of Cannabis?

Dr. Rob Silver, a veterinarian leading research and public awareness on the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana for pets, makes it really easy to understand. According to him, there are 2 main phytocannabinoid compounds to cannabis. First is the tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, which causes the psychoactive effects on the mind. The second is known as Cannabidiol, or CBD, which does not alter the mind and has been used to temper the effects of THC.

Knowing that there was a whole new door opening in the medicinal possibilities that Cannabidiol (CBD) could offer pet parents, I couldn’t wait for our new product to reach its final formulation.  We worked with Dr. Silver to make sure we fully understood the benefits and dosage of our new CBD product, and after many months, we are now finally ready to announce our new freeze-dry hemp and goat milk yogurt, Cannagurt. It is the first of a new line of products, Enhance,  designed to provide supplemental nutrition to support the healing of specific systems.

CannaGurt contains a perfect pairing of ingredients to promote a wide range of health benefits to all pets. Based on documented research and antidotal evidence, the cannabidol (CBD) has shown to have potential benefits for behavioral modification, epilepsy, chronic pain, sleep disorders, appetite improvement, nausea, and vomiting. It has potent anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial abilities. There is also ongoing research being done to quantify its ability to help with Cancer pain and for pets undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy.

Group with Bottle

Our product contains 3 ingredients: Raw Goat Milk, Hemp Protein, and Hemp Oil – the last of which contains the CBD.

The Hemp protein supplies an added burst of Omega fatty acids for heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits. Partner that with the goat milk yogurt, which contains over 50 nutrients, including vitamins A, C, B1, B12 and E, minerals, enzymes, citric acid, amino acids, fatty acids, and electrolytes, six probiotic strains, and the final ingredient, CBD, and you have a power food with endless healing possibilities.

After the first batch of CannaGurt was produced in November, Steve’s did a feeding trial with it, sending it out to some special pets that we thought could benefit with the aid of the Cannabidiol. We had pets with veterinarian diagnosed health issues such as anxiety, arthritis, seizures, chronic pain and post-operative surgical pain try the CannaGurt for 1 month. We closely monitored any changes with the pets, and what we heard back from these pet parents was overwhelming – even better than we had initially thought it would be.

Some of the feedback we had:

An unidentifiable womans hand holds Medical Marijuana aka Pot, D“Elliot our 10-year-old Bernese mountain dog finished his CannaGurt and I could not have been more pleased with the results. It helped him in many ways, I noticed that he was able to get up from lying down without any struggle and he actually started to show interest in initiating us to play with his favorite ball.  In the mornings, he used to be stiff and since on the CannaGurt he wasn’t stiff in the mornings anymore.  We finished the feeding trial and within days noticed that he again became less active and had more trouble getting up, can we please have some more CannaGurt?”

“We noticed after only 10 days on the Cannagurt that Gus seemed less stressed and anxious.  For the first time ever I was able to cut his nails all by myself, this has NEVER happened, it has always taken 2 of us and he gets so stressed.  He was calm and had no issues with his nail trim.  We loved what the CannaGurt did for Gus!”

“Since starting the CannaGurt feeding trial with our dog Smokey we noticed that it took only about 5 days before we saw a difference in his movement.  He has a large fatty mass on his shoulder that was inhibiting him to move well.  We started the CannaGurt and noticed he had more good days with getting around.  We also had the mass removed and continued on the CannaGurt after surgery. We feel that it helped him to recover and help with pain as well.  We would love to continue on this wonderful product.”

global2Hearing those amazing responses come back has given us the extra motivational boost to get CannaGurt out there and start helping Enhance the health of pets that can benefit from CannaGurt.

Ask your local retailer about Steve’s CannaGurt, and if they haven’t heard about it, or aren’t carrying it yet, let them know what a benefit this may be for your pet.

We will be announcing the rest of our new Enhance line in the coming days. Stay tuned!




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  • I will email the information to you.

  • Is this available via distribution in the Pacific NW yet? Will you email wholesale pricing to me please? Thanks!

  • We are shipping this in a couple weeks. I am in the process of sending pricing to distributors and getting their wholesale pricing back. I will send that to you as soon as I have it.

  • I just purchased CannGurt for my hyper/ separation anxiety filled bichon/poodle mix and am hoping for good results. Once mixed, how long will it last in the refrigerator? Since he’s less than 10 pounds, can I mix small batches so it’s not wasted? If so, what is the ratio? Thank you so much! We have high hopes for great results and will certainly post once we do!

  • Once mixed the DogNog will stay good for up to 12 days. You can mix it in smaller batches. The ratio of dry enhance to fluid ounces is 1:6.25.

  • My American Alsatian is pregnant for the 1st time. Grace is 1 1/2 yrs old but as of 1 week ago is refusing food. She loves to lick remains of our dinner plates and loves her “Natural Balance”. WE feed her a high quality natural “no grain” diet. I understand that not eating may be a result of her pregnancy hormones. At the pet food store the recommended your product but did not know about giving it to a dog that is pregnant. What is your research on this? Thank you!

  • I am a professional dog trainer and Behaviorist. I specialize in working with dogs who have severe fear, fear aggression and anxiety behaviors. I would like to do some test cases with your product. Can you please email me info to get started.

  • Can this be supplied to the UK

  • Currently, we are not working on distribution to the UK, but as we see demand increase we will refocus our efforts.

  • I will email you with more information.

  • Hello, We will email you a response.

  • I have a 12 year old Rottweiler that I started giving this to. His condition has improved drastically.

  • How can I order this product

  • Hi Lori,

    At this time we do not sell it online. If you can provide me with an zip code, I can try to find a store near you.

  • I came across Cannagurt when I stopped in my favorite natural pet store, Thomas’ Tails, in Crystal Lake, IL. My goal was to acquire both stress and pain relieving supplements to help my 10.5 y/o Min. American Eskimo, Lillie, both before and after invasive exploratory surgery. Her holistic vet and I had done every diagnostic test possible besides the surgery, and I wanted to make sure my baby was comfortable during her rough recovery. I was absolutely blown away by the results! the very night of her surgery, she was comfortable and unstressed. To boot, it helped immensely with inflammation, particularly in her digestive tract…she was ultimately diagnosed with an extreme case of IBD. Both her vet and myself are extremely anti-steroids for inflammation, so I was all-too-eager to give him the product box with the information. He’s a firm believer in hemp oil; in fact, one of Lillie’s “balancing” natural meds was autogenous hemp oil. The senior vet tech and the vet are now enthusiastically looking into your product since they’ve seen the fantastic benefits it offers. As long as her vet agrees, I’ll continue to keep my baby on this incredible product indefinitely. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing NATURAL product!

    ~Lillie & Deidre

  • I have a 13-year-old Lab mix who was recently diagnosed with Cushings Disease. I’ve read that the medication to lower high cortisol levels in dogs with Cushings might unmask inflammatory pain that the cortisol was ‘helping’, and after a month on this medicine, my dog has started to become restless and seems to be uncomfortable at times. Whether this is due to pain or something else, I don’t know, but I gave her Cannagurt one evening, and after an hour, she was calm and sleeping. My vet doesn’t seem too familiar with homeopathic treatments, so I was hoping you could tell me if it was safe to give her Cannagurt while taking the cortisol-lowering medicine (Trilostane/Vetoryl) that she’s on? I actually bought Cannagurt to help with my Jack Russell’s fear of storms and fireworks, by the way, and she weathered the 4th of July weekend pretty well because of it. Thanks for providing something that seems to be making my elderly dogs’ lives more comfortable.

  • We are so glad to hear that the CannaGurt was able to help your JRT weather the fireworks storm on the fourth of July. We have really heard some great response stories from pet parents who used it to help calm their pets from the fireworks. We strive to make the best product we can to naturally help achieve that balance in our pets lives. We truly appreciate your great feedback and hope for many more comfortable years with your 2 sweet girls.

  • We purchsed Cannagurt at a specialty pet store – Bentley’s in Libertyville, IL. Our dog is a very picky eater but she drinks this up instantly. Prior to taking Cannagurt she would wake up several times during the night and we would hear her panting (due to arthritic pain and the anxiety associated with it). This stopped with the first dose. She appears to be moving a bit better too. During the day she gets Glucosamine and a daily Dermamaxx prescription for her arthritis and joint pain. She is 13 and we feel Cannagurt has definitely added to her quality of life. She is much more playful overall, we believe it’s partially due to her sleeping better at night with the Cannagurt. We have been recommending this to all of our dog friends and cannot thank you enough for this product.

  • Thank you for sharing. It is comments like these that make all the hard work worth it. I am so glad the CannaGurt worked!

  • I’ve used CannaGurt successfully with my pug. Is it safe for feline use as well?

  • Hi Alison, It is safe for cats!

  • I have a standard Poodle, 5 years old, that just started having seizures in March. We’ve done medical tests only to find nothing. I’m VERY hesistant to put her on seizure meds because of the side effects. Currently her seizures have started a pattern of every 3 months. Would Cannagurt be helpful to her?

  • Hello Jennifer, We have a foster dog that has really bad seizures. If he misses one dose of medication he will go into cluster seizures where he will get multiple in a day. We started him on CannaGurt 3 oz of CannaGurt a day and have been able to reduce the amount of phenobarbital by half. On the full dose of pheno he was not a dog. He would sleep all day, stare at walls, walk into windows, and fall off chairs. With less phenobarbital he is running around, more alert to what is going on around him and responds to commands. We are working on reducing the dose even more, but it is a slow process since his seizures are so bad. I think you will find success with the CannaGurt.

  • Once mixed, can this be frozen into “ice cubes” for longer term storage? I have an anxious 7# yorkie that happens to love “pupsicles” made from other ingredients.

  • My year old Border Collie has very high anxiety when walking. I started giving him 1 oz per day and immediately I noticed results! Thank you Cannagurt for what you’ve done to my pup!

  • Thank you for sharing. I am always happy to hear what a difference it has made.

  • I was wondering what are the mg per serving of CBD is? My dog has started to have seizures and my vet told me to find something that has high CBD and low THC. Thank you!

  • Hello Anderson,

    We have had a lot of great feedback regarding dogs using CannaGurt for seizures. There is 2.63 mg of CDB per ounce (rehydrated) of CannaGurt. There is less than 0.3% THC.

  • Yes, you can make ice cubes out of the Cannagurt. Many pet parents are doing that in order to have precise feeding amounts quickly accessible.

  • Hello, I was doing some research on cannabis for dogs. I was wondering how you determine how much to feed the dog? In my research I found that most studies say dogs are more sensitive to cannabiniods than humans. Meaning that going strictly by body weight doesn’t measure how effective each individual dog’s endocannabinoid system is. So what is it that you reccomend?

  • Hello, We consulted with Dr. Robert Silver to come up with our recommended feeding amounts. You are correct that each pet’s cannabinoid system is different and you may need more or less than our recommendations. If there is a specific issue you are trying to treat, we encourage you to consult with a holistic veterinarian. Dr. Silver has had a lot of experience and I believe he will do online consultations.

  • I purchased cannagurt for my 8 yo foxhound Chopper who has had several rounds of hemangiosarcoma. It seems to be making him throw up. Am I giving him too much? I mixed it with water as instructed and have been giving one ounce with food but within an hour or so he throws up. My Black and Tan coonhound isn’t throwing up and I’ve been giving it to her so I don’t think there is anything wrong with the product or batch. Any recommendations you can email me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, I have just made my first bottle of cannagurt for my golden retriever. The box says that the 1.6 ounces will make 16 ounces, but when I fill to the fill line (with the powder already in the jar) it makes only about 12 ounces of liquid. I just want to make sure that I am mixing it properly. I want to use the product properly and also cost effectively. Thanks for your help.

  • Jenny,
    Thank you for your concern! You are mixing it correctly. When you add the water to the fill line it does make 12 ounces of actual product. There was a misprint on the labels and it has now been fixed.

  • Hi, can you help me find a way to get the Cannagurt to help my 3 senior dachshunds? My zip code is 06010 and am in CT

  • Becky,

    I have emailed you a list of different stores that are near you!

  • I tried to give this to my cat who is going through liver failure but does not drink it. Can i mix it in with something?

  • Yes, you can mix it their food or something else that they love!

  • Hi there. My 9 year old, overweight, low thyroid border collie mix has no issues with eating but experiences a lot of pain and panting and stiffness. Will this medicine potentially make her eat more? The last thing she needs is more weight on her poor old painful bones. Thanks for your help :)

  • I am wondering where I might be able to purchase this for my 6 pound chorkie. She has a lot of issues and one of my friends just told me about this. She started her dog on it and he is doing wonderful. She also said it is for 10 pounds dogs or over. Is there anyway a 6 pound dog can use this. Thank you

  • I also live in the 02301 area code . Is there places around I may be able to get it through since it is not available via web

  • The Cannagurt can help with her joints and pain. There shouldn’t be a problem with gaining weight.

  • I have emailed you some more details!

  • Cannagurt really helped with the minor anxiety my dog has. He’s usually alright, but when I have to take him to the vet or clip his nails, he gets this 45 beforehand. It really helps! He is a lot more happy-go-lucky after taking cannagurt. :)

  • Based on the comments I have read so far it seems that this may be an option for me as well. I have 3 GSDs that are HORRIBLY afraid of loud noises, gun shots, and especially thunderstorms. They have gotten to the point of being destructive. My female has now destroyed 3 kennels. Am I to assume that this would be a positive approach to help them out. They get worse every year. Is it available in Minnesota. I am in the zip codes of 55805 or 55811. If not located in that area may I order directly from you?

  • Tanya!

    Thank you for being interested in our products! It looks like there is a store near you that is able to order the CannaGurt in.

    Matilda’s Dog Bakery & Boutique
    4711 E Superior St
    Duluth, MN 55804
    Phone: (218) 525-3775

    CannaGurt is also sold online at http://www.natralpetwarehouse.com

  • We are 2 feedings in using cannagurt to help our 2 1/2 year old GSP with anxiety (due to a 5 month old puppy in the house), food aggression (working with a trainer) but overall to help him relax. We’ve started with 2oz’s he’s about 70 lbs, do you suggest putting the two ounces in one feeding or breaking it up? we want to make sure this is most effective for him when he is awake.

  • Lyndsey!

    It is great to hear your results with our CannaGurt! It is up to you if you’d like to give it once a day or twice, if just giving it during the day is working then continue using that feeding guide.

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