Steve’s Classroom

We don’t want to just sell you dog and cat food.  We want to educate you on everything you need to know, so you can make informed decisions for your pet’s feeding choices.  Steve’s Real Food is dedicated to education about keeping your pet healthy and happy.  In our online classroom, available to all,  you will find news and information on our products, feeding raw pet food and general pet health.  We are also constantly updating our blog and adding informational videos to our Youtube Site.

Raw Food Basics

  • Feeding Raw for the First Time? – Follow our four simple steps to get started.
  • Top Benefits of Raw – If you are here, you already have an idea that raw food for pets might be better.  Here we discuss just why that is.
  • Raw Food 101 – Now you know the benefits, let’s talk about how raw food creates these benefits.
  • FAQs – You know the what and the how. Now let’s answer all those questions you have.
  • Resource Center – Need More? We have it.

Information About Steve’s Real Food

Raw.U – coming soon

Please Note: We always recommend speaking with a holistic veterinarian about any specific health problems. We are not veterinarians and cannot give medical advice on treating pets. Steve’s Real Foods are intended to help support and maintain animals bodies naturally using raw foods. Our diets replicate/represent the evolutionary diets for dogs and cats based on ancestral & nutritional research. If you’re not sure if a proper raw diet is right for your pet, feel free to print out our nutrient profiles from our website and discuss it with your veterinarian