Steve’s Raw Dog Food Products

Steve’s Real Food believes in producing a purely raw product using only whole foods that are known for their nutritional super powers.  We do not use pasteurization so that we stay as close to Mother Nature as possible.  All of the meat and poultry are free range and fed a species appropriate diet.  We do not use any antibiotics or hormones and all animals are humanely raised in the northwest.

All of our produce is also from the northwest, making Steve’s Real Food a locally sourced product.  We work with partners that are committed to the environment and practice sustainable farming.  We believe it is crucial that there are no corners cut when it comes to quality of ingredients and commitment to Mother Earth.




for dogs and cats
Yogurt Chicken Raw Dog Food 4-Inch-Split-Bones
Steve’s Raw Goat Milk Yogurt marries premium nutrition to a crave-able treat. Packed with probiotics and the full gamut of vitamins and minerals, it can be fed as a snack or used as a food topper to add raw nutrition to a dry or canned meal. Steve’s 100% raw frozen diets are available in both convenient nuggets or 8 oz patties. We are known for our bulk options which make feeding multi-pet families or large dog homes easier Steve’s raw marrow bones come from the same free range, grass fed cows that we use for the raw frozen dog food.
We offer a unique split cut bone which allows small dogs to get to all the delicious and healthy marrow.


Group with Bottle

The Coolest Way to Enhance Your Dogs Diet

Freeze Dry


Freeze dried food that will actually re-hydrate
 Each freeze dried goat milk enhancement is packed full of carefully chosen super-foods that are designed to alleviate certain health issues. After purchasing your starter kit that comes with a reusable milk bottle filled with freeze-dried goat milk, you can reuse it by refilling it using the 8-ounce tub of your favorite enhance.


Our easy to re-hydrate freeze dry foods and made from the same great ingredients that our frozen raw foods are, just in a dry form so that you can store and travel with it easily.




Steve’s Real Food has worked hard to create the best pet food available on the market today. We are so confident of the quality of our products that we have backed them up with a 100% guarantee. That means that if you are not 100% satisfied with any Steve’s Real Food purchase, you can return the food, with proof of purchase receipt, to the store you bought it from for a full refund. Thank you for your Steve’s Real Food purchase!