Benefits to Feeding Raw

Please speak with your veterinarian about any specific health problems. We are not veterinarians and cannot give medical advice on treating pets. If you’re not sure if a proper raw diet is right for your pet, feel free to print out our nutrient profile and discuss it with your veterinarian. The answers below represent what we have learned from research, science, veterinary feeding trials, first-hand knowledge and our customers testimonials.

If your pet has not been fed a raw diet before introduce Steve's Real Food slowly to your pet. You may want to start with one nugget the first day, and increase to full time feeding over a period of one to two weeks. Watch your pet carefully and please note that not all health problems have a dietary factor.

Benefits to complete and balanced Steve's Real Food for Pets diets:

The major benefit to Steve's Real Food for Pets is simply improved overall health. However, in actual cases reported to us and in studies done on raw feeding, pet owners report changes, reductions or eliminations of the following:

  • Cleans and whitens teeth naturally
  • Cleans breath / reduces body odor
  • Reduces stool odor and volume
  • Weight Management
  • Many phobic behaviors disappear such as: aggression, moodiness, anxiety and fearful behavior
  • Promotes calmness and confidence
  • Dramatically increases energy, endurance, alertness and attention
  • Strengthening and healing of the immune system and organs
  • More affectionate
  • Reduced shedding
  • Reduction in hairballs
  • Allergies (such as: hot spots, cysts and eye tearing)
  • Dermatitis (healthier skin, less shedding and a full shiny coat)
  • Weight Problems
  • Parasites (internal and external)
  • Flea infestation
  • Arthritis and hip dysplasia
  • Ear and eye ailments
  • Kidney and liver dysfunction
  • Bladder Stones
  • Urinary crystals and infections
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Intestinal problems
  • Bloat
  • Diarrhea
  • And much more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

My dog has a long history of allergies. Can Steve’s help?

We've seen many allergic dogs and cats benefit from our food and from other properly prepared grain-free raw diets. Even dogs diagnosed as "allergic to chicken" often thrive on Steve's Real Food all human quality chicken variety.

Remember the need for variety! Research in humans and laboratory animals clearly shows that insufficient variety can create food allergies and intolerances. Feeding the same food day after day week after week year after year is often the cause of the allergies.

My dog is limping. Can a change in diet help?

We’ve seen many dogs that were aging and starting to limp "get younger" on a proper raw diet. Indeed, it was when Steve Brown saw the dramatic improvement in his older dog Garbo that he started working on Steve's Real Food.

My cat has diabetes. Is it safe to feed her Steve’s?

Generally, yes. Recent research has shown that a high protein, low carbohydrate diet like Steve’s is a more beneficial diet for diabetic cats who do not have weight problems than the traditional high carbohydrate diabetic ration. Cats have a virtually nonexistent carbohydrate metabolism; as such, if there is not enough dietary protein to make glucose from, cats will catabolize their muscle protein. This produces a situation where the diabetic cat begins wasting because her diet does not provide sufficient protein. Furthermore, the high carbohydrate ration aggravates hyperglycemia. If you have a diabetic cat, always check with a veterinarian before changing diets. Steve’s may not be the optimal diet for diabetic cats with obesity problems.

My cat has a history of feline urological syndrome (FUS). Is it safe to feed her Steve's?

Yes. Our food was specifically designed to have the proper amount of magnesium for cats with FUS.

How can Steve's help to prevent cancer and be a natural diet for dogs and cats with cancer?

Research clearly shows that great nutrition helps to support and maintain all animals bodies naturally, this is what nature intended. This includes helping to prevent cancer along with being a natural diet for animals with cancer. Cancer is the #1 cause of death in dogs and one of the leading concerns of cat owners as well. We are finding that within the last 20 years dogs and cats are getting the same aliments that humans have been getting for the last 50 years. And one of the major changes has been nutrition, being the fact that most peoples and pets diets consist now of highly processed foods.

All formulas of Steve's Real Food for pets combines a proven old-world formula using high-quality human edible ingredients, with the best of modern functional foods to give unmatched nutrition and help prevent cancer. Here are some of the ingredients in Steve's Real Food for Pets that are proven to help prevent cancer:

Natural phytochemicals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids: Research has clearly shown that a diet rich in a variety of fresh, whole, raw vegetables and fruits can help to prevent many forms of cancer, along with many other diet related aliments.

FOS, (fructooligosaccharide or inulin, labeled as extract of chicory) This ingredient is a prebiotic compound that selectively stimulates growth of bacteria beneficial to large bowel metabolism. FOS helps increase the bioavailability of minerals. Research has shown that FOS helps prevent colon cancer.

Omega-3's: A diet containing sufficient Omega-3 has been proven to improve a dog’s and cat’s immune systems’ ability to fight all diseases. Real Food For Pets uses Mighty Omega Plus™, which contains sardine, anchovy, flaxseed oils and natural antioxidants.

Natural enzymes: Real Food For Pets contains thousands of metabolic, digestive, and food enzymes only found in raw foods. Many studies with humans and laboratory animals show that eating a diet rich in enzymes reduces the stress on the digestive system, especially the pancreas, therefore reducing the incidence of cancer.

What veterinarians are saying about Steve's...

Veterinarians are a major part of the Steve's Real Food For Pets development program. Many veterinarians – at first are quite skeptical about raw meat-based diets – provided short and long term feeding trials. Now they are among our most ardent supporters. Perhaps the best testament is that three of Steve's Real Food For Pets top five retail accounts are veterinary offices. Here are a couple of testimonials of how they see first-hand results:

"Based on the current literature and our own experience, we believe that pets thrive on raw food diets. They have more energy and vitality, their coats are thicker and shinier, their teeth need cleaning less often, they have fewer allergy problems and they live longer, healthier lives… Steve's Real Food For Pets, an easy-to-feed, complete and balanced raw food diet for dogs is what we feed our dogs and think it’s fantastic."
Dr. Doreen Hock, Eugene, OR

Speaking of a year-old Mastiff which was brought to his office in critical condition, Dr. Charles W. Coleman told us, "Without Real Food For Pets diet, that dog would have died." Doctor Coleman treated two other dogs shortly thereafter and said that the key element of the successful treatment was Real Food For Pets. Doctor Coleman says unequivocally, "I’m trying to get everybody on it. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole career."

Some veterinarians love properly prepared raw meat-based diets. Unfortunately, many others have no first-hand experience with raw meat-based diets and may be reluctant to recommend them. That is changing each day and more and more veterinarians are advocating for raw meat-based diets.

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