When Vomiting Is Not About The Dog Food

When you pet vomits it can be a very alarming incident.  Immediately you think "Is something you ate?", "Are you sick?" and then the sympathy sets in and you feel bad for pour sick Fido.

The truth is that Fido may not be sick at all.  If your dog scarfs down its food or gulps up large amounts of water before eating, they will vomit up what they just ate.  Their stomachs can't handle the sudden intake of food and water and so it rejects it.

Therefore next time your pup pukes, take a look at the consistency of the vomit.  If it is undigested food, then they are probably just eating too fast.  Also remember the number one indicator of your dog having a parasite or pour organ function such as kidney failure is what is coming out the other end.  If you see diarrhea or a sudden change in the consistency then they are likely sick and you should consult your holistic veterinarian.

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