Pet Food; Then and Now (part 2)

Raw foods will continue to be for the breeder who is looking to develop perfect traits in his animal. More importantly however it will also be for the individual who totally love their pets and want only the best for them. Raw diets will have to compete with a plethora of advertising from large dry kibble producers pulling at the heart strings of consumers. Because the consumer is getting savy about their own nutrition many people will continue to use raw food. Holistic vets and nutritionists with knowledge will get the message out.

Pet Food; Then and Now

Let’s face it the first pets were some very smart scavenger wolves. They budded up to tribes of humans for the benefit of being left the guts and carcasses of a recent kills and access to human trash. This diet was probably close their ancestral diet and healthy. Humans then urbanized and dogs developed and bred from their wolf ancestors ended up roaming the streets of towns and villages on all continents.

The Natural Diet of Dogs and Cats

Recent conclusive research shows that humans and laboratory animals need whole foods, not just vitamin and mineral supplements to be at their best. There is a growing consensus among researchers that nutrients, especially antioxidants, must be in balance, that we need the complete families of antioxidants and other micronutrients that only whole, raw foods provide.

Higher Meat Content

Steve’s Real Food has increased our meat content from 75% to 80% to give your dog a higher calorie count from protein per serving. This is the same great meat with no fatty fillers. This allows your dog to maintain a healthy weight by giving them the protein they need.

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