Hermit Crabs & Bull Dicks

We just got back from Chicago attending the Backer Christmas Show. As usual all kinds of products were available. The booth next to us “Free Range Dog Bones” had all kinds of bull parts including the one most precious to the bull. Yes we are taking about Bull Dicks in Chicago and we are not referring to Irish cops. Bull sticks or pizzels, as some refer to them, are a big hit as a chew stick this year. Also for sale was the entire face of the bull sans eyes. The whole snout and jowls was intact and available as a chew.

Dog Park Social Structure

I am a regular at the dog park and enjoy it almost as much as our dog Bailey. Dogs are one of the most social species, and a dog park is like Disneyland for them.

HH Backer Pet Show (day 1)

The first day of the Backer Pet Show was very good. It started out a bit crazy as we were running all around the convention center trying to find out if our show sign was delivered by UPS only to discover that once again UPS failed to get it to us despite the guaranteed delivery we were given. I am really looking forward to finally getting an answer as to what happened.

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