Know Your GMO

There is a health food issue that is not discussed often enough.  We all know that organic is better because it does not have toxic pesticides, but we forget to mention that it is also not grown from GMO seeds.

Genetically modified seed is designed to withstand powerful weed killers. This means farmers can spray the crops excessively to kill weeds without killing the food.  Large corporate seed manufacturers such as Monsanto produce and sell only GMO seeds so that they can sell more of their powerful pesticides.  It is really a brilliant business model but it is killing us.  Corn and Soy are the two major GMO offenders.  You may think to yourself, well I don't eat that much corn or soy, but you will be surprised to find out how many of your "convenience" foods have corn and soy in them... think of corn syrup and how many places this is used.

Right now the biggest problem is that we do not know if what is on the self is a GMO product.  There is not a requirement to label the product and that has to change.  As you can see in this video, farmers are on the side of better labeling.  They only use GMO seeds because the market is not demanding anything else.

Californians have the chance to be the pioneer is this movement.  Please vote YES to Prop 37 tomorrow and make the change the rest of the country needs to see.

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Rosalinda Acevedo

10 years ago

rBGH Milk and GMO corn contributes to obesity and diabetes. This biotech article explains the use of pesticide addiction to make farming cost more for the farmer and to make the farmer reliant upon Monsanto BASF Bayer Dow DuPont & Syngenta pesticides and GMO crop seeds.

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