Why Raw Dog Food Is Good For Dental Health

I recently had a friend post on Facebook that her cute little Chihuahua needed serious dental help.  She posted a picture of his plaque ridden teeth and asked for advise. I found it very interesting that many people wereRaw-Dog-Food-Teeth-Cleaning-for-WP
recommending Greenies or even a “natural” version of a Greenies, but no one suggested the most natural form of teeth cleaning… raw chicken necks.

Of course I felt obligated to post the recommendation of one raw chicken neck per week for onemonth. Understandably so this disgusted some people that have no idea that “raw dog food” even exists, but lucky my friend took the advise. They are on a path to cleaner teeth and have avoided the costly doctors visit for the anesthetic induced cleaning.

Why do dog on a raw food diet have cleaner teeth?

It all has do to with the fact that they do not produce Amylase like us humans.  We start the digestive process in our mouth with saliva which contains amylase.  This enzyme starts to break down food without even having to chew.  Since dogs do not have this, they need to get it from the food they eat.  The cooking process destroys enzymes and this is why when a dog is on a cooked, canned or kibble diet they will quickly build up plaque and tarter.  Taking your dog off cooked food and giving them a chicken or turkey neck will; first, stop the build up and then help to clean the teeth as they grind away at the bones.

A word of caution… 20% of raw poultry at your grocery store has salmonella.  Give your dog the bones outside or keep them contained so you can clean the area they are in when they are done.

Rory Schultz

8 years ago

Poor ingredients compromise a dog’s health. Dogs are not designed to chew and digest a cooked, grain based food. They don’t have teeth for grinding but teeth meant for ripping and tearing raw meat and bones. Commercial dog food is cooked so it is low in nutrients and natural enzymes are lost. Vitamin values are low so they have to be added back to the processed food artificially along with chemicals, salts and sugars. Dogs don’t starve to death on commercial food but their immune system and general health is very poor. Ratios of protein and fat to carbohydrates are out of balance, the ingredients themselves are substandard or are not fit for human consumption.


7 years ago

Great information! Thanks for sharing!
Allow me to add that dogs have a set of solid molars and extremely strong jaws which enable them to crush and chew raw meaty beef
bones. Through the consumption of such bones, dogs are able to acquire an easily assimilated, natural form of calcium essential to their skeletal health. In addition, raw beef bones offer an excellent method for dogs to exercise their jaws, massage their gums and clean their teeth while consuming amino and essential fatty acids that promote a superior quality of health.
Jonni N.

Google Review

  • My dogs LOVE their new food!! I used to feed them dry kibble and they would leave their food in the bowls for 2 days before they would eat. Now they wake me up in the morning ready to eat. They also have so much more energy, they act like they are puppies again. The customer service is awesome! Too bad all companies don't have this kind of service. I will continue to buy Steve's Real Food for my dogs.

    Kelley Dillon Avatar
    Kelley Dillon
  • CONVENIENT, RELIABLE, DOGS LOVE THE FOOD I switched my dogs to a raw diet about 2 months ago. My older dog was panting a lot and he had a potato sized growth on his shoulder. The growth is now the size of an egg and his excessive panting has stopped. My younger dog was overweight despite the fact that she was very active and on a strict low calorie diet. She has slimmed down quite a bit.

    Trish C Avatar
    Trish C
  • We were skeptical of feeding raw. Finally we decided to take the plunge. The first surprise was, my dogs loved it. And the goat milk yogurt is a complete hit! They all love it. We had one small issue with the shipping and after one email everything was taken care of. But now that it's been several months we have noticed many other things. None of my dogs chew on their feet anymore. None of my dogs have itchy flaky skin anymore. And they are all pretty and shiny with tons of energy.

    Denise Moitoza Avatar
    Denise Moitoza
  • My dog was a picky eater and overweight. After 4 months of eating this raw diet he is almost at his recommended weight. I no longer have to coax him to eat by doctoring up his kibble. He eats the food as is and empties his bowl right away.

    Carrie Thompson Avatar
    Carrie Thompson
  • I wanted to give a shout out to Tara at the corporate office. She really went above and beyond! I had several questions about switching my dog over to raw food and the transition that's involved. She met with me in person and took the time to listen and gave me some great suggestions/feedback to my questions. She shared what her own dog went through and how raw dog food helped. Tara made me feel comfortable and was so kind and thoughtful to take the time out of her busy day to be so helpful. My dog is LOVING the food and has been transitioning very smoothly. Thanks so much for being so awesome, Tara. It meant a lot to me and because of the experience I had and the kindness you showed to me, I will continue to be a grateful customer and will recommend Steve's to all my fellow dog moms and dads.

    Susan Romney Avatar
    Susan Romney

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