Transitioning a Sensitive Dog


Here We Go!

Hello, Pet Parents!

My name is Aspen, and I am thrilled to become a part of the Steve's Real Food family on the Operations team. I will be overseeing social media, customer service, editing, newsletters, and operations.

Over the next couple of months, I am going to be blogging about my experience transitioning my baby, Baxter, over to a Steve's Raw Food diet.

To start, let's talk about my dog's current diet and issues.

Baxter is an 8-year-old Norwich Terrier, male, and un-neutered. When he first came into my life two years ago, he was eating kibble - didn't much matter what kind. He had no problem eating people food, and the worst reaction I saw was when he snuck a bite of a taco with some hot sauce on it that gave him some belly trouble. His previous owner had, at times, spent a great deal of money on Baxter's diet to ensure high quality, but never used a raw food diet.

Over the past year, however, Baxter seems to have been transitioning to middle age. He is less agile, more docile, and tires out more easily. He is showing signs of incontinence - loads of fun. In addition, we have had to get rid of our box spring and place our mattress on the floor because he struggles jumping as high as he used to, and gets depressed when he can't reach his parents on the bed.

More importantly, however, Baxter has started having tummy trouble. We started noticing that table scraps or changes in his kibble could give him diarrhea, blood in his stools, painful stools, etc. It was not a fun few months constantly cleaning up after his explosions in the house (thank heavens we don't have carpet) and watching him scream like an Ewok when he did his business outside because it was so painful, poor boy. We finally began forbidding family and friends from feeding him and began maintaining strict consistency about the brand we bought him so there would be no changes for his poor tummy. We consulted a vet, who prescribed him some diarrhea medicine, but didn't have many answers beyond that. Baxter has balanced out since then, but I want more for him. We lead a healthy organic life, and while Baxter's food is a decent quality, I know we could do better.

Enter Steve's Real Food. I'm hesitant to make any changes to Baxter's diet, but the logic behind Steve's approach makes too much sense not to try. My dog has been an emotional anchor in some really rough times, and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him to reward him for what he has brought to my life. I am sure many of you feel the same way.

I plan to do a really slow transition to minimize the effect on Baxter's insides as we go through this. I want to start with a little goat milk on his regular food and see if we can't start waking up his stomach and helping it adjust gently to something he's not used to - I picture it like sprite when you have the flu; goat's milk sounds like a gentle way to start. Then I will slowly, slowly start adding the tater-tot sized raw food mixed with his regular food and monitor his behavior, energy, and stools.

The best part is, I am inviting all of you to come along with me on this journey. Maybe you haven't started transitioning your pet yet, maybe you are worried like I am that changes in the diet will lead to messy, smelly accidents to clean up. But I will be testing it out to see how things go, and documenting my findings and results here. So check back on occasion to see how things are going with Baxter and I.

What worser place can I beg in your love,—
And yet a place of high respect with me,—
Than to be used as you use your dog?

-- A Midsummer Night's Dream


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