Transitioning a Sensitive Dog Part IV - the Finale

Baxter Driving

January 14th, 2015

So it has now been six weeks that my Baxter baby has been on raw food. He has fully transitioned with absolutely no problems.  I am very glad I did it gradually, it took a full month to do, but now he can handle food he could never eat before without having troubles just fine.  Now that his digestion is doing so much better, I am less fearful of giving him little treats, like a piece of my bacon fat, or eating the leftover sauce when I have spaghetti.  This makes him very, very happy because for a full year he hasn't had anything but kibble and what he could scrounge off the floor at family dinners with my nephews.  The kids like it too, because they are allowed to play with him and feed him treats again.  His coat is feeling softer, and his energy is up despite his advancing years.

Each dog is different, and Baxter has definite preferences to the different lines of Steve's.  He is not a big fan of the turkey-based products, he much prefers the Chicken and he LOVES the Beef.  He laps up the yogurt like nobody's business, as well.

We are planning on getting him a bowl with a center you can freeze to keep it cold all day.  He is used to just eating whenever he feels like it so keeping him on a consistent eating schedule has been difficult.  He doesn't want to eat on our time, he wants to eat on his!  Plus with the flexibility of my schedule and my boyfriend's, it is hard for us to feed him at exact times so he can get used to it.  For our lives that is a challenge, so having a bowl that will keep the food cold throughout the day so he can eat when he wants will help a lot, I think.

It's been much less stressful than I expected it to be with Baxter's past digestive history, so I have overall been really pleased.  He is adapting to his new life fantastically - with me around more and much less stressed (I had a high-stress job that was not a good fit for me last year), he is happy with life.  He is a little cuddle bunny, and last night hopped into bed with me no less than five times.  With two cats that like to cuddle/take over your pillow and a dog, I don't sleep very consistently...

Speaking of cats, I want to let you know that Magic, the cat attacked by a pit bull, is doing much better.  It was touch and go there for a while, but we knew he was in the clear when a few nights ago he started playfully hunting and chasing the other cat around the apartment. We have gotten all the bedding he leaked on cleaned, and things are feeling like they are back to normal besides his shaved belly and the stitches that we need to get taken out.  We feel so blessed and lucky that our cat is still alive, and that he is returning to health, poor thing.  It was a nightmare, but it is pretty much over now.

Thanks for following my journey as I transitioned my baby over to raw food.  I hope that you found it helpful and semi-interesting and that it will encourage you if you are thinking of turning to raw, to not let it be too intimidating of an idea for you.  I have found he is happier, healthier, and the overall wellness in my home has improved. Because Steve's line is so convenient to feed, it has not added to our stress levels at all compared to him eating kibble.  Wanting good things for him has inspired me to do more for my own nutrition, and in the same six weeks (but mostly the last three) I have cut sugar out of my diet, started juicing regularly, and eating out less.  I did no sugar and low carbs a couple of years ago and lost a considerable amount of weight in five months (almost ten pounds a month) but with peer pressure and the stresses of life I lost hold of that healthy lifestyle and go figure, the weight came back. I am returning to health, and I can definitely attribute some of that to Baxter and giving him a quality diet.

So all I can say is that if you are thinking of doing it, DO IT!  You can't put a price on good health!



8 years ago

Thank you for sharing your journey.I'm glad all is well with your human and pet family. I have a lab that has had nothing stomach/skin issues. This article has moved me one step closer to choosing the raw doggie diet for my "Cooper". Thanks so much

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