Cancer describes diseases involving the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells within the body. These cells are able to invade other tissues, spreading to other parts of the body through the blood and lymphatic systems. If caught early cancer may not be a life threatening illness; however, if left undetected the abnormal cells can spend to vital organs shutting down your pets system and eventually leading to death

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Ever heard of letting sleeping dogs lie? There is some real truth to this old saying – both as a metaphore and when talking about the kind of dogs that have tails! If you’re a dog owner, you should know to let your pup get some rest, and just how much they need.

Guest Blog - Can Raw Food Kill Your Dog?

Many of you have probably heard about the benefits of feeding raw dog food. Many more of you have probably heard that feeding your dog raw food is bad and if it doesn’t harm your dog it might cause your children to get really sick and die.

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