Sleeping Dogs Lie



This blog has been adapted from it's original form. It was originally written by Amber Kingsley.

Ever heard of letting sleeping dogs lie? There is some real truth to this old saying - both as a metaphore and when talking about the kind of dogs that have tails!  If you’re a dog owner, you should know to let your pup get some rest, and just how much they  need.

Dogs sleep on average eight to ten hours more than humans, which means our dogs spend much of their lives sleeping. How much shut-eye your dog gets depends largely on his activity level, with service dogs and K9 officers getting the least amount of sleep. Because dogs can be very task-oriented, with motivation your dog could require less sleep.

The average housepet, however, likely rests quite a bit, even if your dog is part of an active family unit. Unless you live on a farm where the animals fend for themselves, deciding on where your dog should sleep is an important part of caretaking. Because dogs sleep so often, it’s a good idea to provide several sleeping spots around the home. For example, families like to have an area for the dog in the living room or TV area so that the dog can be around for quality time.

Depending on how your home is set up and how you would like it to be run with regards to dogs, children, furniture and the like, there are several widely used options for your pup’s main sleeping area. This sleeping spot should be encouraged every night from the time you bring your dog home, especially if you want to keep your pup away from certain spots in the house, like a child’s bed or an expensive sofa.

Some owners let their dog sleep with them. This is feasible usually when the dog is smaller, or the bed is bigger. Even if your dog sleeps with you every night, it’s still useful to provide the dog with at least one other bed of its own in the master bedroom, should it want a little more space. If you prefer to not have your dog in bed, they need to have a bed of their own in a designated area, whether it’s in the room with you or in some other area of the house.

Of course, some dog owners choose to keep their pups outdoors. Depending on their lifestyle people who live in the country or who have fenced-in yards may find that keeping the dog outside is best. If this is your situation, it iss necessary to create a dog house to protect your pooch from the elements. Be sure it’s leak proof and insulated for both rain and snow.

Depending on your dog's behavior, health, and your own preferences, you may prefer to store your dog in a crate at night. Keeping your dog crated at night time keeps it from wandering onto furniture, making messes, having accidents, or sleeping with the kids.


There’s a lot of options for finding a place for your dogs to sleep, it’s simply a matter of what works for you and your pet! Click on the link below to see the infographic for more about the sleeping habits of dogs.


About the author Amber Kingsley on Dr Jo's Blog

Amber Kingsley is a journalist as well as a lifetime pet lover. When she’s not traveling the world, she’s usually spending time at home with her pets, and wants to help others make sure that their pets are as happy as they can be. From time to time, she contributes content to PetWave.

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