Happy Thanksgiving to all our pets!

As we turn our hearts and thoughts towards the most Thankful time of the year, we here at Steve's Real Food are grateful for so many things.  Here are the things we are grateful for at Steve's Real Food.
tanktassi great pyrennese pawtrero dog sniffingbaxter

Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog and pumpkin


Our passionate customers who love their dogs.

The unconditional love our four-legged family members give us.

The love and support that the humans in our families give us.

Our good health that we know if a result of healthy eating

Good friends that are always up for a trip to the dog park.

Adorable pomeranian in the leaves. Other fall decor blurred out in the background.


Being able to meet so many amazing independent retailers across the country!

The chance to help pets get healthier.

The ability to feed our fur-babies so well.

Families who support and believe in what we do here at Steve's.

Canines for a Cause, the local charity we support, who are doing great things

For working with the very understanding people at our manufacturers and storage facilities

young red border collie dog playing with leaves in autumn


Our positive office environment where things are fun and relaxed and we all get along.

Fun projects like Raw.U!

Hearing all your fun stories on Facebook

Making it through 2015! It was a whirlwind.

The patience that our online customers showed us during the dry ice shortage.

For working in a field we can be passionate about!  Go healthy pets

Cute white puppy dog lying in leaves in autumn, fall forest. Polish Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, known also as Podhalan or Owczarek Podhalanski


Distributors who go the extra mile to help our stores.

The ability to source our meat from local farmers who provide top quality meats and produce.

Dedicated employees who truly care about our customers, products, and pet parents.

Steve Brown, for being the pioneer in the raw food industry that has made good health possible for millions of pets.

The animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians who are paving the way for the raw food movement.

The support my family gives me which allows me to be a mother AND a business owner.

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