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Kimberly-Gauthier-top-benefits-of-rawBenefits of Raw Feeding

With the growing popularity of raw feeding, it's easy to forget that the concept of raw feeding is new to many people. Raw feeding is an attempt by pet owners to feed their dogs and cats an ancestral diet that is natural and species-appropriate. Raw feeders believe that feeding commercial dry and canned pet food has lead to the growing number of pets diagnosed with allergies, diabetes, and cancer.

I transitioned our dogs from dry dog food to raw in April 2013 and immediately saw the benefits in my dogs. Now, more than two years later, I can provide a long list of benefits to our dog's health thanks to a diet of raw dog food.

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You Might be a Raw Feeder If...

When I first transitioned our dogs to raw feeding, I quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of information available and felt intimidated by the raw feeding groups. Today, I'm one of those crazy dog moms who quietly (not really) obsesses about her dogs' diet.

Recently, I was thawing out 200 pounds of raw meat to make meals for four dogs and I started thinking about the life of a raw feeder and developed an infographic inspired by my experience and that of my raw feeding friends.

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Kimberly Gauthier is the blogger behind Keep the Tail Wagging, a blog about raw feeding, dog supplements, and raising littermates. Kimberly and her boyfriend are raising two sets of littermates in the Pacific Northwest where they enjoy a property with plenty of room to run and explore. Kimberly finished her first e-book on raw feeding called Raw Feeding from A to Z. Rodrigo, Sydney, Scout and Zoey are all herding mix dogs, including Blue Heeler, Border Collie, Catahoula, Australian Shepherd, and Labrador (a lover, not a herder).

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