The Tale of Steve's New Office Kitties

There are people in the world who swear up and down that the Universe is listening, and that by declaring your intentions, goals, and dreams aloud you will help create them in solid form.  Whether something psychological happens that solidifies the goals in your intentions by verbalizing them, or some sort of cosmic energy is put forth, I do not know.  But what I do know is that in a meeting here at Steve's Real Food headquarters on Friday, Nicole mentioned offhandedly, "I am thinking about getting a cat for the office."

It's Monday, and now we have two.

IMG_0440IMG_0449Leo and Callie  entered our universe as many things do - through Facebook.  Aspen was scrolling through her newsfeed and saw a post from a friend she hadn't seen in two years, saying that he needed a temporary home for his two kittens.  It turned out their story was much more incredible than your usual kitten exchange.

This friend volunteers for a non-profit homeless outreach program, and he was out searching for someone to help. He found two someones, just in a different form than he expected.  Following the sound of mewing to underneath some bushes, he found three kittens, abandoned by their feral mother.  One of them had been attacked by a predator and killed.  The other two, whose eyes had just opened, were crying piteously over the dead body of their sibling, curled up to it as though trying to make it respond.

He called a friend who volunteered at the animal shelter for instructions, then picked up the two kittens still alive and put them in his coat pockets.  His life quickly became consumed with bottle feedings, veterinarian visits, trips to a surrogate mother cat 40 miles away, and, of course, adoration of cuteness. He saved their lives, and was rewarded as they grew into healthy, well adjusted, and incredibly beautiful, playful cats.

Quite the story for two little kittens only six months old! Unfortunately for him, eventually his landlords discovered the unexpected cats, and refused to let him keep them for the remainder of his time with them.  So he desperately posted to facebook, hoping against hope that he could find a home for them that would both keep th    em together and give them back to him when he was ready to make a home for them with him.

Look at their faces. How could we say no?


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