Retailer Success Story


Our retailers are on the front line of spreading the message of Raw, and we appreciate their efforts so much!  Their stories give a face to our product, and it helps us keep us motivated to bring good health to more pets. Check out this story shared by Kaitlin Freerks, from Bark! In Annapolis, about her journey to raw:

“I started transitioning my Newfoundland puppy to raw at about six months old, she was suffering from chronic UTIs caused by a recessed vulva, and I was looking for a more moisture-dense diet that might help prevent the infections from occurring. Not only did her UTIs completely Kaitlin Freerks - Bark Annapolis - Admiraldisappear, but so did her chronic ear infections, gas, and anal gland problems. Her skin and coat are very healthy, we get compliments everywhere we go, and she doesn't have the yeasty/musty smell I have experienced with other Newfies. Of course, her stools are more compact and have less odor, people are amazed that such little stool comes from such a big dog! One incident that really emphasized the importance of her raw diet occurred when she was around two years old. One night, after some heavy activity, she started limping and would not put any weight on her leg. I was really concerned and rushed her to her orthopedic specialist the next day. It turns out she experienced a problem with one of her cruciate ligaments, a common issue in some Newfie lines, but luckily the ligament did not tear. After a couple of days she actually fully recovered! Her vet told me her lean and muscular body condition from the raw diet, and the natural anti-inflammatory nature of raw played a big role in preventing her from rupturing it like most other dogs do. To this day, she still has some moments of soreness after vigorous activity, but this soreness is easily managed by some helpful anti-inflammatory supplements and physical therapy exercises. So from the disappearance of her chronic UTIs, ear infections, and other health issues I can see first hand how a raw diet has really benefitted my dog. And after the experience with her cruciate injury I am convinced that if I hadn't made the switch, I would have most likely spent thousands more in vet bills, and likely would have needed to pay for a TPLO surgery, had she been kept on kibble. This has been the single most important health decision I have ever made for my dog, and I am glad she lives a happier, healthier life for it.”

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