CarnaForage Ingredients

Raw Goat Milk

Raw goat milk has 47% more Vitamin A, 25% more Vitamin B6, and 134% more potassium than its rival, cow’s milk. It is also packed with probiotics, enzymes, electrolytes, and other micronutrients that have many health-boosting properties. It soothes inflammation and relieves symptoms of IBD, Colitis, Pancreatitis and other digestive issues. Due to the lower levels of the Alpha-s1 casein which makes the curd much smaller, it’s a perfect daily supplement for dogs that are lactose intolerant. Unlike cow milk - which takes six hours to digest - goat milk can be fully digested in as little as 30 minutes. This benefits your pets because the energy used during digestion is saved and leaves room for the body to heal itself.

pile of coconut flower on a wooden cutting board

Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is approximately 60% pure fiber and is used as a detoxification booster. It contains about 14% coconut oil, making it a good source of medium-chain fatty acids.  It is also high in naturally occurring trace minerals. The low levels of carbohydrates reduce the glycemic index and help with balancing blood sugar levels.  It increases metabolism, supports digestive health, and is grain and gluten-free.

Why are All These Greens in CarnaForage?

Spinach, Kale, Parsley, and Cilantro are included to make our green smoothie a high source of L-Glutamine. Glutamine is the primary energy source for the mucosal cells in the digestive tract. During periods of stress - such as with IBD - the biological need for glutamine increases dramatically as the body tries to replace the damaged mucosal cells. Glutamine can also be very useful in reducing loss of muscle mass during times of injury, stress, or high endurance activities.


A long-time superfood, Spinach is incredibly nutrient-dense but low in calories.  It is a great source of Calcium, Vitamins K, A, C, B2, E, and B6, Iron, Folate, Manganese, magnesium, zinc, fiber, selenium, niacin, omega 3s, and copper (gasp for breath).  It has tons of flavonoids/antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals. It is high in iron, and it is anti-inflammatory, which is great for IBD, arthritis, allergies, and other inflammatory issues. Folate protects the colon and is good for the cardiovascular system, lutein promotes eye health, and it is also heart-healthy. The only downside to it is that when conventionally grown, spinach has one of the highest rates of pesticide use.  So we use pesticide-free sources, and you should for your family, too.

Kale in colander process window light background


Kale is the popular kid in school right now!  You are seeing more varieties at the grocery store, kale salads are making it to the pot-luck dinner table, and people are buying in bulk at your local warehouse store. There is good reason for its popularity. It is one of the highest-fiber plants available and is one of the best natural sources for vitamin K. It also has a substantial amount of Beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and other trace minerals.  Most of the fat in Kale comes from alpha-linolenic acid, a healthy omega-3. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Its antioxidants help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and it is are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. Lastly, it contains quercetin and kaempferol, which are two flavonoids that some people claim have anti-cancer properties.

Closeup of an organic spirulina algae powder in a wooden spoon on white wooden background


Spirulina is a microscopic algae with a diverse set of nutritional properties.  It has the highest protein level of any non-meat food, yet its protein is four times more absorbable than its meat-based counterparts, making it easy on the liver. It also has the highest concentration of beta carotene, vitamin b-12, iron, and trace minerals, as well as GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) of any food.  It contains phytonutrients like phycocyanin, polysaccharides, and sulfolipids that enhance the immune system, and possibly reduce the risk of infection, cancer, and autoimmune disease.  Spirulina also contains chlorophyll, which detoxifies the body.

But this isn’t all!  Spirulina has many other health benefits. For example, it enhances the body’s cellular communication process and ability to read and repair DNA.  This benefit improves immune system function and fosters the generation of new blood cells.  It also increases macrophages and makes them more effective at killing germs.  The animal feed industry is studying its use as a probiotic to reduce the use of antibiotics in feed animals, which is great for everyone, and it is also being studied as a way to provide crucial nutrition to third-world countries.  Spirulina promotes digestion and bowel function, suppresses bad bacteria like E-Coli and candida yeast, and stimulates beneficial flora like lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  We are getting to the end, I promise!  It also reduces kidney toxicity and contains essential fatty acids that are great for your dog’s skin and coat. Finally, it contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a very complete food, and is full of chelated minerals, trace minerals, and enzymes.

Chia seeds (lat. Salvia hispanica) on small bamboo plate photographed on slate with natural light. Chia seeds are considered a superfood containing proteins omega fats minerals and antioxidants (Selective Focus Focus one third into the chia)

Chia Seed

Chia is the ancient word in Mayan for “strength”. It has been eaten by humans since ancient times, and for good reason. It is low in calories, but high in nutrients – one ounce contains 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, manganese, magnesium, vitamins B3, B1, and B2, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, and Potassium. It is packed full of antioxidants, which fight free radicals and protect the body from cancer cells and aging.  Chia has the potential to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Fresh parsley on wooden background


The leaves, seeds, and roots can be prepared in tea, a tincture, or dried.  It is a mild diuretic that benefits rheumatoid conditions and helps the body eliminate uric acid, which can cause arthritis pain.  The plant is very nutritious and full of protein and trace minerals and is great for animals with anemia.  It is especially helpful for urinary tract infections because the oils in the leaves have antiseptic qualities.  And, of course, it freshens the breath and aids in indigestion.

Field of dandelions. First spring flowers - yellow dandelion. Shallow depth of fieldDandelion

Dandelion is one of the most complete plant foods on earth.  It has a ton of vitamin A, it is high in protein, vitamins, trace minerals, and potassium.  Dandelion ‘warms’ the digestive system, increases bile acid production, is non-irritating, and helps jump-start the digestive system. It reduces stress to the pancreas and helps pets with an already “inflamed” digestive system, and can be beneficial in soothing Pancreatitis and other inflammatory digestive tract issues.   As a mild diuretic, it helps the body eliminate the toxins while helping replenish things like potassium.  The root is a liver tonic or stimulant and can help improve and detox that organ. It is very gentle, and the flowers are mild pain relievers.

fresh coriander or cilantro bouquet on old wood table


Cilantro is best known because of its power to help the body cleanse toxic metals - the chemical compounds in cilantro bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue.  In addition, it contains antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and dietary fiber. Its mineral content includes folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, beta carotene, and a TON of vitamin A, which is great for healthy skin and vision and can protect from lung cancer.  It also has a ton of vitamin K, which helps strengthen bones and protect the brain from neuronal damage.

Seeds of a milk thistle with flowers (Silybum marianum Scotch Thistle Marian thistle ) on wooden table

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle has been used to treat everything from cancer to milk production in mothers, but it is most widely used for liver health.  It is a beautiful, purple flowering herb plant native to the Mediterranean region.  Its medicinally active ingredient is called Silymarin, which is actually the collective name for three flavonoids – Silibinin, Silidianin, and Silicristin, all extracted from the plant seeds. It is being studied in its effects to stop the spread of lung cancer, as well as for the prevention of skin cancer. Silymarin displaces toxins trying to bind to the liver and stimulates the production of new liver cells to replace damaged cells. It increases glutathione levels which allows absorption of the important L-glutamine from the Kale, spinach, and parsley. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, playing a role in liver detoxification and protecting the liver from oxidative stress.


As you can see, everything in our CarnaForage Enhance product is specifically designed to improve the health of your pet.  With so many great benefits, it is a fantastic way to boost your pet’s nutrition.  CarnaForage comes in a 16-ounce, easy-to-pour pouch. Each day pour the recommended feeding amount onto your dog’s kibble, canned or raw food.


6 years ago

Can I combine carnaforage with cannagurt and dognog and give it to my senior cat? I think he would benefit from the cbd, yucca and turmeric as well.

Steve's Real Food

6 years ago

If your cat will eat them all together, then go for it!

Karen Gerth

6 years ago

long story. but my 7 yr old golden is on a home cooked diet due to IBD for undetermined reason. He's been on novel protien pork, squash & veggies for about a year (also fish oil & BalanceIt) Is this something I could use in place of BalanceIt? Do you think he could handle the protien from the Goats milk?


6 years ago

The Carnaforage is used to enhance the food, so it wouldn't replace the Balanceit, but you could add it in addition it his food!


6 years ago

The liquid separated from the mix in the milk bottle while in the fridge overnight and its purple. Should I be concerned? Never had that happen before.


6 years ago

Yes, it is normal for the milk to separate. You want to make sure you shake the bottle before each use. The Spirulina makes it change color to typically a blue-green.


6 years ago

My dog weighs 150 pounds. Are there more potent versions out there? Because I feel there is no way I'm going to be able to get my dog to consume 7.5 oz of this liquid. Can I just sprinkle it on his food or use less water but same amount of mix? Thank you.


6 years ago


Yes, you are able to sprinkle some on his food and mix with a smaller amount of water.

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