As we summer comes to a close we want to share a few of the hot things we did and how we kept cool!
Dora is an English Mastiff full of love! One of her favorite summer activities is go swimming at the lake. Dora waits patiently all week for the weekend to come because she knows that is when she gets to swim! Dora always makes sure that she is safe in the water by always wearing her Ruffwear Float Coat. When Dora wears her Float Coat she knows she can enjoy the delightfully cold water all day! The Ruffwear Float Coat is made for many dogs of different shapes and sizes, it comes with a handy handle which can make it easier to lift your canine friend out of the water, it also comes with reflective trim to ensure your dog can always be seen.
Theo Mem's lovable Boxer. He always looks sad but is the happiest pooch you could meet. He loves getting exercise but int he summer can get very hot. To make sure he gets is exercise but does not get overheated he goes on early morning runs with his mom and dad. During the day when Theo is enjoying a hike or just hanging out in the backyard in the summer, he wears his Ruffwear Swamp Cooler. The Swamp Cooler helps your dog stay cool. You soak it in water, wring it out and place on your dog, because it’s light color it reflects the sun and the fabric help to evaporate the heat off of your dog, resulting in one happy pooch! Now Theo can keep cool during the hot Utah summer.
Office Pooches:
In the summer months, our furry friends at the office enjoy a frozen beef marrow bones a few times a week. They all go out to a shady spot of the grass and relax will working endlessly to get every last lick of marrow. Many of the staff pet parents also switch to feeding the food frozen during these hot summer days. Not only do the pooches like the cool food, but they like that they get a chance to bite down and chew the food. We hope you had a great summer with your pets and were able to find unique ways to keep you and your pet cool.