Quest Beef Cat Food Recall

On Friday, November 15th, we announced the to FDA that we would do a voluntary recall on a lot of Quest Beef Cat Food. The food was pulled by the MN Department of Agriculture. They ran a series of tests and were able to get one sample to test positive for Salmonella. We have done our own test on the same lot that showed a negative test result. Pathogens are not evenly distributed throughout a lot which is why the department of agriculture may have gotten a positive result when we got a negative.

Therefore in an abundance of caution, we are recalling Lot N128 - UPC 6-91730-17101-8 - Best buy 11/6/2020. 

If you are a consumer and have any of the affected product please fill out this form and return it to the retailer you bought it from. They will verify the Lot Code and issue a refund for the affected product.

Retailers: If you have any affected product, please fill out this form and discard the product. We will credit you for the food.

Food safety is a priority of ours and we have already been to the plant to review manufacturing processes and discuss what more we can to minimize pathogen exposure.


Official Statement

It has been brought to our attention that another manufacturer has been making statements about our manufacturing processes that are unfounded. We have a non-disclosure agreement with our manufacturer which would inhibit the competitor to know what we are doing or plan to do.

We put these agreements into place to protect ourselves for circumstances just like this. We feel this other brand is very upset with the situation they find themselves in and are making emotionally charged statements. It would be our recommendation that if HPP is something they are against than they cease production until they can find a way to produce food in a way they can stand behind.

In September we started a second grind on our foods to break down the bone more and allow us to use a Listeria Biophage as an added kill step for our meat diets. This did change the texture of the food since the fats, tendons, and produce are ground finner and mixed more.

We believe in bringing up the raw pet food category as a whole. We do not attack other brands no matter how they produce their food because at the end of the day, whether you feed HPP food or non-HPP food, you have already taken a step in the right direction and are feeding fresh food. We thank you for that and so do your furry loved ones.

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