Give Your Dog a Bone!!

Steve’s Marrow Bones are a far cry from the dog bones you see in the regular stores – mostly because they are truly bones, not just something synthetic and fake!  Chock full of valuable nutrients such as phosphorous and calcium, bones and bone marrow are an important part of your pet’s raw food diet.  Whether you are feeding your dog a raw diet, looking to transition to Steve's, or just wanting a healthy and nutritious treat for your pet, our marrow bones are the perfect fit. Our beef bones are for recreational eating and are not designed to provide whole nutrition or to be eaten whole like poultry bones.  Rather, they are a form of mental stimulation and enjoyment for your pet.  We recommend that you have a designated area for your pet to eat that is easily cleaned, and that you monitor your pet while they eat bones.

Our raw beef marrow bones come from the same free-range, grass-fed, grass-finished cattle as our beef meat. They are nice and meaty with a lot of extra cartilage and connective tissue. They help strengthen the gums and clean the teeth.

The two-inch bones are perfect for smaller dogs, and the four-inch bones are best for dogs over 30lbs. The four-inch bones come in both a traditional pipe cut and a unique split cut that allow any size dog to get at all the marrow.


Safe Handling

We sell our marrow bones frozen, and we recommend you feed them frozen as well. If your dog is the type that likes to hide toys in the couch cushions, you probably want to feed these outside. Nobody should have to find a messy bone while relaxing on the couch! If a piece of bone breaks off, discard the small pieces. Do not cook the bones - they will become too brittle and could splinter while your dog chews on it. Once the bone has been licked clean or left for over an hour, discard the remainders.


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