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Dr. Karen Becker is a renown veterinarian who has a reputation for her proactive approach to animal nutrition. She is passionate about educating pet parents and does so through videos, articles and books. In her latest video on she covers the topic of the increasingly popular grain free kibbles.

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If you are one of our New Jersey retailers who no longer can get product from your New Jersey distributor please contact us so we can give you the updated information on who can distributor product to you. We apologize for this inconvenience, but have a immediate solution which should cause no problems with supply.

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An allergy is your body’s way of dealing with a unknown protein. It uses an inflammatory response to drive out these foreign invaders that it does not know what to do with. Robyn O’Brien talks at TED about the rise of food allergies and it’s link to deadly diseases. It is the genetic engineering and added hormones in commercially process foods that can be the explanation for this.


Saturday May 21st we will be joining thousands of other mutt stutters in order to raise money for No More Homeless Pets In Utah. We are teaming up with the PawsZow dog pack and looking forward to the festivities. If you want to strut with us, join the team by going to our Donner page here. If you are already registerd be sure to come by the booth and buy some food or treats. We will be donating the proceeds from all sales to No More Homeless Pets.


When you cook any food you are changing its molecular structure. You see it happen in your frying pan A piece of meat becomes more firm, a carrot gets soft, a potato gels and a tomato turns into a sauce. What’s happening is the cellular structure is breaking down and forming different bonds. This means the nutrient value is changing, and in most cases the its is decreasing.

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The raw pet food industry is regulated by the FDA. This is because pet food is considered to be a ready-to-serve product where the chicken you buy from your butcher is not. Recently the FDA feels that regulations on the raw pet food industry needs to be changed and that “certain criteria should be considered in recommending enforcement action against animal feed”. In other words they want to do more testing on pet food and determine if they should reject food with very minute amounts of bacteria.


Several raw producers have chosen to pasteurize or pressure sterilize their meat material to be sold as frozen raw diets. Most raw pet food manufacturers are doing this to minimize their risk of a recall. The problem is that the jury is still out on the impact that HPP has on the food.


We just got back from Chicago attending the Backer Christmas Show. As usual all kinds of products were available. The booth next to us “Free Range Dog Bones” had all kinds of bull parts including the one most precious to the bull. Yes we are taking about Bull Dicks in Chicago and we are not referring to Irish cops. Bull sticks or pizzels, as some refer to them, are a big hit as a chew stick this year. Also for sale was the entire face of the bull sans eyes. The whole snout and jowls was intact and available as a chew.


I am a regular at the dog park and enjoy it almost as much as our dog Bailey. Dogs are one of the most social species, and a dog park is like Disneyland for them.


The first day of the Backer Pet Show was very good. It started out a bit crazy as we were running all around the convention center trying to find out if our show sign was delivered by UPS only to discover that once again UPS failed to get it to us despite the guaranteed delivery we were given. I am really looking forward to finally getting an answer as to what happened.

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