Product Discontinued (1200 × 628 px)

DISCONTINUED: Enhance Goat Milk Yogurts

Steve's Real Food has made the decision to discontinue the Enhance Goat Milk line due to our goat milk sourcing reaching capacity. This includes the products ChiaFreeze, DogNog, PurrGurt, CarnaForage, and CannaGurt.

As you may know, Steve's works hard to get all of the ingredients from local family farms, and there is simply not enough goat milk available to produce the Enhance line and to also put the goat milk in all of our foods without switching to a large commercial farm which we feel compromises quality.

The goal is to replace it with some new innovative products that we're sure sourcing will be plentiful, and that pets will love.

The final batches are in production, and depending on the Enhance product, will be available for ordering through July.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Thank you for your understanding. 

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