Enhance Feeding Instructions

Each Enhance product is a simple solution for adding enzymes, probiotics, and other super-food to your pet’s diet, no matter what type of food you feed. We have formulated each to benefit certain ailments in our pets.

Our freeze-dried enhance products come with a reusable milk bottle so that making up batches of your own enhance is quick and easy. After rehydrating the dried enhance, you keep the milk bottle in the fridge and feed it every day. When you run out, use the scoop found in the refill bag to add more dried enhance to the reusable milk bottle. 


For a 12-ounce serving, scoop 1/2 Cup (1.6 oz. by weight) of Enhance into your reusable milk bottle or any seal-able container. Add 10 ounces of water and shake to re-hydrate. Shake before each feeding and keep refrigerated after re-hydrating. Enhance will stay good for 12 days in the fridge.

reusable milk bottle

The enhance products come in both a reusable milk bottle and an 8oz refill tub. You can purchase both the 8oz tub and re-use the milk bottle to mix up your own batches of enhance making rehydrating, very simple.


feeding tips and tricks

There are several ways you can feed enhance. You can top your pet’s meal with either dry or re-hydrated enhance or put in a separate bowl for as a snack. You could also freeze your pet’s daily amount and give them a nice frozen treat.


Some dogs and cats are pickier than others. If you happen to have one of these pets in your home and they are not excited about their new food enhancers, try makeing a thicker batch. Add a little less water and feed a little less then they daily recommended amount. You could also try mixing the dry enhance with liquid other than water like bone broth or fish stock. Some pet parents are also adding come cod liver oil to entice their furry family


During the dog days of summer turn your liquid enhance into a frozen treat. Use a measuring cup to pour your pet’s daily amount into cute bone shpped (or other shape of your choice) ice cube trays and freeze overnight. The next day you have a perfectly portioned bite of en-hance that will help your pet cool off.


Do you have a large bread or mulit-pet house that goes through enhancing like there is no tomorrow? You can make a larger batch by mixing a water to enhance ratio of 1:6.25. For example, if you wanted to mix 3 ounces of dry Enhance, you would add 18.75 ounces of water (3 x 6.25 = 18.75).


If you are not going through your enhance as quickly as you thouhgt, have no fear, you are okay to freeze the liquid even if it has already been frozen onece before.

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