The Steve’s Difference

Steve's is a pioneer in the Raw Pet Food Industry

Steve’s Real Food raw dog and cat food has been on the market since 1998 and was the first commercial raw diet to meet AAFCO standards. Steve Brown, the founder, was meticulous in developing his first formula, taking over four years to get it perfect. Steve became an expert in pet nutrition as he journeyed to find the perfect blend of nutrients and taste for his pets. Nicole Lindsley, who now owns the company, has followed in his footsteps and worked for five years to ensure she fully understood pet nutrition before improving on Steve’s original formula to make it more sustainable, healthy, and natural. To this day, our product is continuously improved as we incorporate the latest scientific research and veterinary testing. We don’t say anything about our product we can’t back up with laboratory testing, so you can be sure all our nutritional claims are accurate. We have an open-door policy and frequently answer questions about mineral content, calcium to phosphorous ratios, and more. If you can’t find the nutritional information you need on the individual protein pages, contact us.

Steve's Provides Complete Pet Nutrition

No raw food on the market is easier to feed than Steve's. Our frozen products are simply poured and served, as easy as a kibble.  Our Freeze-dry products are almost as easy, as you just add water.  All of our diets are 100% balanced for all life stages, so you know your pet is receiving all the nutrition they need.   You can make your life simple knowing that Steve’s Real Food is 100% complete and balanced.  Our treats are not just yummy, but add extra raw nutrition to your pet's diet.

Steve's is convenient and safe

Our food comes in small ¾ inch nuggets, which makes it easy to thaw and feed. There is no cutting, mashing, or any other work required to feed Steve’s Real Food. Just pour into a bowl, cover, thaw (not required), and feed. The smaller nugget limits the possibility of contamination because of even and quick thawing. There are no bloody messes, no dirty cutting boards, and no dirty counters to decontaminate every day. Our patties easily pull apart and can be thrown directly into the dog bowl without ever coming in contact with your counters. Your family is safe with Steve’s.


Roxie and Louie, Steve’s loyal customers.

Steve's is More Nutritious

Some other raw dog food brands are 90%+ meat. While this sounds good, sometimes manufacturers will use a high amount of fatty meats because they are cheaper.  From years of research, Steve’s knows how important it is for pets to get vitamins and minerals that meat alone can’t offer.  Therefore we use an 80/20 ratio of meat to fruits, veggies and minerals to give natural, wholesome nutrition to your pet. Even some of the most popular (and more expensive) raw brands will supplement their product with synthetic vitamins and minerals which are not absorbed as well as those naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables. We round out our powerhouse of nutrients with well-known superfoods to boost the nutrition and health benefits of our products.  Ingredients such as sardine and flaxseed oil provide important Omega-3, 6, & 9 fatty acids.  Vitamin E and Kelp infuse our food with extra vitamins and minerals.  Finally, we use Instant Quick Freezing (IQF) to seal in freshness and nutrition.

Steve's is Good for the Environment

At Steve’s Real Food, we are committed to lowering our carbon footprint.  All our packaging is 100% recycled, BPA-free, and made with water-based ink. We use hydroelectric and wind power in our plant and we are committed to locally sourced ingredients. We also promote environmental consciousness to our staff, vendors, retailers & customers. Find out more about how we support and sustain the environment in this video.

Steve's is Good for Pets

Steve began his journey to raw food when he visited traditional kibble factories and realized how unnatural and unhealthy dry food was for pets.  His realization led to years of research to identify exactly what pets need to have a species-appropriate diet that could help maximize pet health and eliminate health problems from poor nutrition.  See a fun video of the Steve's Story here.

Testimonial: "Roxie had bacteria growing between her pads, mild food allergies and overall not great health. We switched to Steve's and her health completely improved. She's a strong, healthy lab now and gets excellent vet report cards!" - Stephanie Perry, Charlotte, NC

Steve's is Easy to Digest

Switching from a grain-based diet to a raw meat diet can be challenging for some pets.  Steve's is the ideal food to convert pets to a raw food diet because the balance of meat to fruit and vegetable in our formula makes this transition easier on your pet’s stomach.  To see more about the nutritional benefits of Steve's Real Food, watch this fun video!

Testimonial: "Yes, I believe in Steve's! I tried three different raw brands for my dog. All three caused diarrhea and vomiting. Steve's raw food cause absolutely no problems. Shiloh just loves it! The shop owner did not want my "sick" dog in her store. She was not sick, just allergic to the food the shop owner pushed for me to buy. What a waste of a lot of money." - Jean Barrett, Enumclaw, WA

Steve's is Good for Pet Parents

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are important to us.  After all, without happy customers, there would be no Steve's!   We provide robust educational material on our website to help our customers become knowledgeable about the health of their pet.  We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to help ensure every customer is happy with his/her purchase.  We have an open book policy, and you can call us anytime to ask questions about the food, feeding, or any other concerns you may have.  We respond to our email quickly and are here to help.

In addition, we believe in full disclosure.  Whatever you want to know, we will be upfront and honest.  Where do we get our ingredients?  Where do we manufacture our product?  Have we had a recall?  Why do we do something a certain way?  Many of our customers thoroughly research the raw market before settling with themselves that Steve's is the best product available, and we know pet-parents that thorough want to have all the answers.  We are the same way, so go ahead! Ask us anything!