What is an Authorized Retailer?

Steve’s Authorized Retailers earn incentives by sharing their passion for raw and alternative feeding. From co-op discounts on social marketing and improved web presence to employee feeding, the incentives are designed to not only be a perk but to perk their ability to sell raw food.

How does a retailer become authorized?

Step one is simple. Have one employee, manager or owner sign up for Raw.U, and you are in! The more you learn, the more you sell, the more you get.

Explore the Benefits


Steve’s Raw.U program is an online, self-paced raw pet food education program. It combines videos and digital resources to help you and your employees sell more Steve’s Real Food. It takes a total of about 2 hours to complete, and upon completion, you will earn 27 pounds of free food, a certificate of achievement, and an exclusive Steve's Real Food swag item.

Sign up for Raw.U

Employee Feeding

Each month Level 2-3 Authorized Retailers receive a maximum of 50 pounds of free food vouchers. These vouchers can be used on any protein and are eligible for both nuggets and patties. 

Educational Webinar Sponsorship

Steve's Real Food can help educate your customers about fresh feeding and raw with our webinar series. Sign up for one each quarter, and we will donate $5 per attendee to a rescue of your choice. We will also help with a 10-day promotion to customers where we create marketing materials and coaching to get sign-ups. 

Dedicated Steve's Real Food Partner

Steve's Real Food offers you a dedicated partner to help support you with any questions you may have, guide you through everything we do, and provide you with resources to help you sell more raw. You'll have a direct contact to call, text, or email your partner at any time for help with issues such as returns or setting up freezers, and you will hear back within a few hours - never have to wait days to hear back. Our partners have a deep understanding of retail as most of them have experience working in or managing stores, or have been involved in the pet industry. 

Steve’s Feed

Steve’s Feed helps fuel your social media stream with professional, raw education posts. This service is hands-off and increases the amount of beneficial content that is posted, resulting in a more engaged and growing social fan base. Steve’s Feed is free to all of Steve’s Authorized Retailers.

Sign up for Steve's Feed

NextPaw Suite

We partnered with NextPaw to offer digital services to our Authorized Retailers. NextPaw helps local retailers attract new customers using tools to automatically promote your events, promotions and more. NextPaw enables a pet retailer to be found for the pet food, supplies and services they carry. These services include a custom website for your store and a dashboard with a suite of tools designed to help you grow. Each site is locally optimized so that you are easily found when a customer searches for terms such as “raw food near me”.

Preferred Store Locator Listing

Authorized Retailers list at the top of our store locator search results with a more detailed listing. This listing includes a website, store hours, google reviews, available promotions, and more.

Preferred Store Locator Listing

The best way to stay informed is to join our Retailer Facebook Group. You will get the latest product information, updates on promotions, and any announcements regarding the food. Go here to get approved.