Many of our pet parents end up with Steve's because they have tried everything else and are ready to give up.  That makes their joy at finding something that works all the sweeter.


"We got a Lambkin 4 years ago and he was very ill. He was constantly getting respiratory infections and pneumonia and had diarrhea and vomiting several times a day. Diarrhea with a munchkin is even less pleasant than with normal cats...because when he would try to cover it up he would get his belly covered in his business and would have to get baths several times a day. We had the vets run every test in the book. We put him on supplements and we put him on steroids and antidiarrheal medications. We tried limited ingredient diets, wet food, grain-free food...we tried it all.

After over a thousand dollars...and at our wits end...we put him on raw food

...and he was better within 3 days.

He hasn't had a respiratory infection since. He hasn't had diarrhea since. But he would still vomit on his other raw food at least a few times a week. We recently moved and were no longer able to find the same kind of food we were feeding him so we changed him to Steve's Real Food. He has since ceased vomiting as much (now only once every other week or so). And he is healthy as can be. He is now at a purrfect weight and thriving. And...because he was so ill before, we toilet trained him so he wouldn't be covered in diarrhea all the time (baths are traumatic for little kitties!). So now we have a perfectly healthy, toilet trained cat. I truly do feel like raw food saved his life.

I don't know how much more his little body could have handled. Not a day goes by that we do not tell people about Steve's Real Food. And I wanted to say thank you for creating such a great food. His other raw food was different every time (color, smell, and according to my cat....taste) and that would make him vomit more (because every new package was different than the last). But with your food we know exactly what's inside...and we can move from one bag to the next with no problem. Again, thank you! And to anybody reading this who is on the fence, try this food, you will not be disappointed!"

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