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Our retailers are the key to our success and that is why we are dedicated to supporting them. We ensure that we are both responsive and helpful with whatever their needs are. We have many resources to keep the retailer informed and allows them easy access to our support team.

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The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our retailer news letter. You will get the latest product information, updates on promotions and any announcements. regarding the food.

Another great way to stay informed is through our Retailer Facebook Group. Go here to get approved.

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Freezer Program

Freezers are required to sell raw frozen food and we know they are not cheap. We always recommend a glass front freezer since it sells the food better. In certain cercumstanses we will assist in the purchase of a freezer. We are willing to share freezer space since we beleive that it is important that you have a variety of raw foods availabe to sell.

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Steve’s Feed

Steve’s has partnered with NextPaw who acts as Steve’s social marketing arm. We offer a completely free service to retailers that allow you to share professionally created educational media posts that are sponsored by Steve’s.

We work closely with them to ensure the content is educationally focused with an occasional humorous post to lighten the mood. This service is hands-off and increases the amount of beneficial content that is posted resulting in a more engaged and growing social fan base.

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Ready for More?

This website has a vast amount of information on raw food.
Visit our Classroom for more on nutrition, tips, FAQ’s and all the dirt about Steve’s Real Food