New Ingredient in All Diets

Coconut oil is now in our raw dog food!

Steve’s Real Food recently made a major reformulation to our raw dog food.  We removed all our synthetic vitamins and added some really exciting ingredients such as coconut oil.  We love coconut oil for its multitudes of health benefits.  It is known to be:

  • Anti-Viral – helps balance the immune system
  • Anti-Fungal – good for dogs with yeast problems
  • Anti-Bacterial – helps manage the bacteria in raw food and in the gut flora

The primary thing that makes coconut oil such a powerful ingredient in raw dog food is that it is one of the richest sources of fat that is rarely found in nature, lauric acid.  The body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which can destroy lipid-coated viruses.  Its medium-chain fatty acids are easily digestible and it is one of the only fats that does not cause an insulin spike in your bloodstream so it is great for diabetic dogs.

Dawn Cobb

10 years ago

Good post. Very helpful info. I love the addition of coconut oil in the Steve's Real Food. Thanks.


10 years ago

How soon will this new formulation be in Mpls?
Thanks for taking out the syn vit.

Steve's Real Food

10 years ago

The new formula hit them market at the beginning of the year. Check your packaging... you should see a new ingredient list. If you see the old one, it is likely the new formula in an old bag.

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