Did you know one of the best ways to go green is to eat natural, whole raw foods? Naturally healthy foods come from chemical free farming that focuses on using sustainable resources.

Steve’s Real Food is committed to leading the pet food industry by employing the highest quality manufacturing standards with minimal impact on the earth.  We are dedicated to forward-thinking ideas that allow us to create products and processes which are not only environmentally responsible but also provide the highest return to our community and employees. Every decision we make we employ our entire team to ensure that there is diversity in the inputs that affect final products, programs, and processes. In this, we achieve the highest level of sustainability within our organization and for our community. 


Powering the Plant

Oregonians have a reputation for being in touch with mother nature and we are proud to say we fit that mold. Oregon's power comes from 73% hydroelectric power plants which in comparison to the US average at 6%. By producing our food in one of the top eco-friendly state we are able to take advantage and use power from clean sources. Additionally, by not cooking the food or putting it through long canning processes, we are using less energy than a kibble or canned manufacturer.


Sustainable Ingredients

Our meat and produce come from smaller family farmers who do not use antibiotics or hormones in their meat, nor do they use pesticides on the produce. They employ sustainable farming practices that protect the earth and the quality of the food your pet eats. Our farmers also practice humane treatment of animals allowing the cattle to range freely and the poultry to have full access to sunlight and fresh air. Our farms follow the Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter Act guidelines employing captive bolt stunning for cattle and controlled atmosphere stunning for poultry.

Not only do we only source ingredients from farmers who use sustainable methods, but we only use meat, poultry, and produce from farmers in the Northwest. This reduces emissions resulting from trucking ingredients across the country.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Policy

Our environmental commitment also plays out in our offices, through recycling programs and improving environmental awareness. We do not use disposable plates, cups or silverware, we use water filtration instead of bottled water, and we encourage each employee to reuse where possible. We also use all green cleaning products, energy efficient light bulbs, and ask that everyone turn off lights, computers and other electricity suckers when not in use.


According to the EPA, Americans produced more than 258 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2014. This is equivalent to 4.6 pounds per person per day.

To minimize our impact, we have packaged Steve’s Real Food in sustainable packaging made from a plant-based material or 100% post-consumer waste. We are partner eco-friendly packagingmanufacturers who have green initiative and are at the forefront of sustainability when it comes to production. We are currently working on transitioning all the packing to a bio-degradable material, that emits helpful gases and will degrade completely in 10 years.