Ingredient Sourcing

All of the building blocks that go into making Steve’s Real Food are sourced and purchased solely from companies that are as committed to quality as we are. Our farms have USDA status, they only sell human-grade quality meats, and they are owned and operated within the United States. If you want an honest product, start with an honest company.  Steve's Real Food believes in full disclosure, and we want to educate our customers, not just sell to them. Our target market is the customer who thoroughly researches before buying. The more thorough a pet parent is, the more likely they are to purchase our product. We buy our ingredients from the following list of companies.  They welcome any questions you may have.


All natural, grass-fed BEEF raised in Eugene
AGRI Beef Our all-natural, grass-fed BEEF is raised in the northwest. They take great pride in not only the quality of their products but in their sustainable practices and the humane handling of all their animals. They are inspected annually for food safety and animal welfare by third-party experts.
POULTRY with no added antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives
DRAPER VALLEY FARMS CHICKEN Draper Valley Farms has been raising their POULTRY with no added antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives since 1935. Every humanely raised chicken is vegetarian-fed, the way nature intended it. As with most northwest Companies, they emphasize the importance of running a sustainable business and take extra effort to recycle and conserve water.
Humanely-raised pork from Twin Falls, Idaho
FALLS BRAND PORK Falls Brand is operated by a small farming community of Hutterite farmers who hold all things common in Montana. Their humanely-raised pork hails from in Twin Falls, Idaho, by the Independent Meat Company founded in 1904 and family-owned for five generations.  They only work with humanely raised, sustainable, family-owned farms like Falls Brand, and encourage diversified and sustainable farms.
Maple Leaf Farms Duck
MAPLE LEAF FARMS DUCK The Tucker family sets the direction for the company, based on their values of commitment to family, community involvement, and of course, quality DUCK. All of their sustainable programs are based on systems that are ethically grounded, scientifically verified, and economically viable. They have consolidated their live production supply chain, reduced energy and water use, and improved their irrigation water system.
Norpac -  one of the largest PRODUCE processors in Oregon


Owned by more than 240 Willamette Valley farmers, Norpac is recognized as one of the largest PRODUCE processors in Oregon. All their fruits and veggies are packaged in one of five state-of-the-art facilities within four hours of harvest. They focus sustainability efforts on the conservation of water and soil resources, the preservation and recycling of nutrients, and the enhancement of their local wildlife habitat. We get some produce from Charlie's Market, an organically-grown co-op of farmers.

Harlow Hills Farm Goat Milk
HARLOW HILLS FARM - GOAT MILK Kristina Harlow and her husband bought an old dairy farm when they decided to trade in their corporate life for a country lifestyle. Their 80-acre farm contains a vineyard as well as a commercial goat dairy. Their primary focus is on sustainable farming and holistic animal care. The definition of a small family-owned farm, the Harlows have embraced the beauty of living from the Earth in a sustainable, conscientious way.
Pitman Family Farms Turkey
PITMAN FAMILY FARMS - TURKEY Family-owned, our turkey farmers have been raising poultry since 1954.  They have been certified by the Non-GMO Project, and their turkeys are free-range, vegetarian, and hormone and antibiotic free.  Raised in California, you can purchase Mary's turkeys (named after the family matriarch)  in Whole Foods and select grocery stores around the country - particularly around the holidays.
Organic coconut oil from Nutiva
TROUW NUTRITION - SUPPLEMENTS Steve’s Real Food seeks out the highest quality supplements, from our organic coconut oil that comes from Nutiva, to our kelp that is manually harvested and solar dried. All these ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure safety and nutritional quality, which keeps your pet’s level of health optimal.
pollock fillets
PACIFIC SEAFOOD Our fish are sustainably caught to meet the global demand for seafood while keeping wild fisheries healthy. In addition, all vessels that harvest for Pacific Seafood using trawl methods are required to have turtle excluder devices. These devices allow turtles to escape if they get caught in the nets. They are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and level 3-4 Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).
dog food lamb sourcing

Superior Farms

Superior Farms is founded on a -good for animals-good for the earth-good for you- principles to raising lamb. The lamb graze on wild grass and are treated humanely on a small family farm in California. They share our passion for sustainability and maintain state-of-the-art facilities ran on solar and wind power.

emu meat sourcing

Amaroo Hills

Our emu meat comes from family farms in TN and NC. Amaroo Hills is an American Emu Association Certified Business Member and the facility is inspected by the USDA (like all Steve's sources) to ensure the highest quality.

Three raw New Zealand mussels

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels are farmed in long lines on the seabed. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels feed on phytoplankton and are harvested after 18 months as an adult. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels are grown in closely monitored waters, held to high regulatory standards, and the aquaculture program ensures they are not overharvested. They are frozen to preserve the flavor and freshness.


Our fenugreek is a powder that comes from Mountain Meadows in Montana. Fenugreek can help to improve appetite, aid in digestion, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in our BARF white fish diets.


Local, Raw Honey hails from Flying Bee Ranch. They produce Oregon’s finest raw honey thanks to the hard work of over 500 colonies of bees. They are committed to high-quality honeys and sustainable beekeeping practices.


CBD sourced our from both the Netherlands and locally in Colorado

CBD - We source our CBD locally in Colorado. It is grown free from GMOs, pesticides, solvents, and detectable levels of THC. All the plants used are grown using organic farming practices and employ extraction methods that maintain the complete plant profile. A nano-technology process is used to boost bioavailability by eight times and is never subjected to heat. All hemp oil goes through 3rd party lab testing for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Hemp-Protein from Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Protein comes from Hemp Oil Canada whose hemp protein is produced by the mechanical milling of defatted hemp seed leaving us with a powder that is 43% to 50% protein. It is allergen-free, GMO-free and free from estrogen mimickers.

Coconut Flour from Green Bulk in California
Coconut Flour Our Certified Organic coconut flour comes from Nutiva. Nutiva supports regenerative agriculture around the world. They have generously funded community gardens, non-GMO advocacy, organic farms, and environmental justice.
Cranberries from Terra Beata farms in Nova Scotia, Canada
Cranberry Our cranberries come from Vincent Family Cranberries off the southern Oregon coast. The mild climate and long growing season of this area ensures a slow-ripened cranberry high in natural sugars and a cherished dark crimson color. The cranberries are free from GMOs, sweeteners, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives.
Tumeric sourced from India

Tumeric is sourced from India by Elements LLC. It is tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, led, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and pesticides.

Yucca sourced from Trouw Nutrition

Yucca is sourced from Trouw Nutrition who gets it from the stem of the plant that has not been pressed or de-juiced. It provides saponin activity as well as resveratrol--a natural antioxidant. It contains no preservative or carries.

Bromelain comes from Enzeco out of New York

Bromelain comes from Enzeco out of New York. This food grade proteolytic enzyme is derived mostly from the lower portion of mature pineapple plant stems.

Spiralina from Trouw nutrition

Spirulina also comes from Trouw nutrition who sources it from multiple vendors with the county of origin as the US, India, and Turkey. It is tested and clear of preservatives, pesticides, or radiation.

Chia sourced from Bunker Foods

Chia is sourced from Bunker Foods who receives the product from Argentina. They are quality certified by SGS and Kosher certified by KLBD. The non-GMO seeds are not irradiated or pressure pasteurized.

Parsley and cilantro come from Silva w

Parsley and cilantro come from Silva who sources the ingredients from the Israel, Hungary, Holand, or Poland. The parsley and cilantro are field fresh, washed, trimmed, and dried. They are tested for pesticides and are GMO-free.

German Dandelion from Trouw

Dandelion comes from Trouw and has Germany as the country of origin. The ingredient comes entirely from the leaves of the plant and is not pressed or juiced.

Milk Thistle sourced from High Quality Organics certified GMO-free

Milk Thistle, Fenugreek, and Sesame Seeds are sourced from High Quality Organics. All their ingredients are certified organic and non-GMO. Many products are also Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance certified.