New Enhance Products

Spring has sprung and so has two great new products from Steve’s Real Food!


PurrGurt a Feline Centered Enhance Product for Urinary Health


Eggs Over Easy a 100% protein food topper



PurrGurt is our newest addition to the Enhance product line! It starts with whole raw krill and salmon oil to tantalize the taste buds and then adds in a herbal cockTAIL that helps balance the PH in the urinary tract system. This product is perfect for both CATS and Dogs with stones, crystals, urinary tract problems. We finish off this amazing treat with L-lysine to help boost your pet’s delicate immune system.

Couch Grass

Works as a disinfectant for the urinary tract by acting as an anti-inflammatory and mild diuretic, aiding in the removal of waste from the body. It is gentle on the kidneys and can help with the inflammation of kidney stones.


An antioxidant, antimicrobial, and astringent. It supports the urinary system and can lower Creatinine levels, a waste product found in the kidneys.

Beet Root

For the insoluble fiber that supports the digestive process. It also helps the liver metabolize phosphorus, an important factor for renal and kidney disease.

Mullein Leaf

To support the upper respiratory system.

Marshmallow Root

For its abilities to help the immune, urinary, and respiratory systems.


Helps strengthen the immune system which supports many other bodily functions.

We formulated PurrGurt to for cats, but it works just as well for dogs with urinary issues.

Eggs Over Easy



Not only is Eggs Over Easy great for your pet, but they love it too! Some of the pickiest dogs are going crazy for Eggs Over Easy!
Eggs Over Easy is made by freeze drying raw eggs and pork heart. It is one of the only food toppers that is 100% protein, making it perfect to add to any diet. One egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals and is loaded with nutrients that are often missing in our pet’s diet. Eggs contain high-quality raw protein and fats (in the right ratios) to help to build lean muscle mass and provide energy for all day play. Two of egg’s unique nutrients are biotin and choline.
Biotin’s (vitamin B7)

Primary function is to help metabolize carbohydrates and fats. This is what makes it a perfect topper for a kibble diet since it will help to process the non-bioavailable ingredients.


Backs up Biotin’s ability by supporting a healthy metabolism while also supporting liver function, brain development, and increasing energy.

We perfect this food topper with pork heart an incredibly nutrient dense muscle meat. It contains high levels of iron, vitamin A, Copper and Vitamin B12. These nutrients are key for energy production, immune function and the absorption of other nutrients.




These two amazing new products are shipping to retailers now so ask your local store for PurrGurt and Eggs Over Easy!


Brittany Maki

5 years ago

I have a customer in my store who would like to know what MG% of L-Lysine is in your purrgurt product?


5 years ago

Hello! There is 250mg of L-Lysine in 1oz of re-hydrated Purrgurt.


5 years ago

Hi. Could you please tell me the protein, fat and carb percentages for Eggs Over Easy? Thank you.


5 years ago


The protein in Eggs Over Easy will be 45.1%, the fat is 25.3%, and the carbohydrates will be less than 1%

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