Affordability Without Compromise

Steve’s Real Food is a pioneer in raw pet food manufacturing. We were the first commercial raw brand on the market in 1998, and since that time we have continually worked to create the perfect raw food diet for your pet. We have made our company successful by providing the highest quality products available on the market at a reasonable price. We keep overhead low, so the price you pay for food goes straight to its quality. We don’t have a large sales team pushing our product – we let it sell itself. Chances are you are reading this not because you saw an ad, but because a friend told you about Steve’s Real Food. We know your pet will enjoy it, and we hope you will spread the word in your turn. You are our sales force. Thank you for sharing the word and bringing better health to pets in your area.  


The road has been long for Steve’s real food, starting 18 years ago when Steve Brown developed a raw pet food diet and started to sell it in retail stores. He was a pioneer in the raw pet food industry and still to this day we have retailers who remember Steve doing seminars and demos at their stores. We have learned a lot over the years and have adapted our brand, packaging, formulation, and ownership to meet the needs of the modern raw pet food customer. Watch this humorous tale about the Steve’s Real Food History. 

What Sets Us Apart


We believe in the benefits of raw pet food so strongly that we want as many people feeding it as possible. To do this, we focus on removing the biggest roadblock to feeding raw--cost. We do not cut corners or sacrifice quality to keep the price of the food down; we focus on lowering administrative costs (CEO Salary) and using technology to improve our sales and marketing efforts (see more about Raw.U, our online retailer training program). By making raw food a little more affordable, we hope to get more pets benefiting from a raw food diet. 


We know that due to questionable practices often found in the pet food industry, the pet parents can have a hard time trusting pet food manufacturers. To help alleviate any concerns you may have, we have a full-disclosure policy. We make our manufacturing practices, ingredient sources, nutritional value, and lab results publicly available. Call or email our customer service line. You will find it refreshing to hear how surprisingly honest we are.



An educated customer is our biggest fan, so we make learning easy. We focus on providing a mass of easy-to-understand information on our website in both our classroom and on our blog. We also put a heavy focus on educating the retailer so they can properly help the pet parent. We incentivize retailers' employees to complete our Raw.U online course (a 3-hour multi-exam education system) to ensure they have the tools they need to help you. We also create educational content that our retailers may post on their social media outlets to help share raw feeding knowledge. Lastly, we have an education guru who travels the country visiting stores. 


The second biggest hurdle to getting a pet parent to feed raw is the convenience factor. Non-raw feeders report that the increased visits to the pet food store, the time to defrost the food, or dealing with touching raw food are reasons they do not feed raw. We have helped overcome these hurdles by offering bulk box sizing, a small nugget that defrosts quickly, and nuggets that can easily be poured directly into your pet's bowl.

What's In Our Future?

As we go forward in our raw food journey, we plan to stay true to our core values by offering a quality product that can truly improve our pets' lives. We will not prioritize profits over people (or pets) and we will stay passionate about our jobs. When you choose to use a Steve's product you can rest assured that what you are using came from a company who is just as excited about it as you are.