Crave-able Canine Foods

To keep our pets healthy and vibrant, they need nutrition above and beyond AAFCO standards. At Steve’s, we only use real foods to ensure that your dogs are getting the phytochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and other disease-fighting nutrients that they need. Our RAW food is full of high-quality ingredients like muscle meat, organ meat, and produce that provide the digestive enzymes your pets need to digest their food properly. Cheap, high-carb, dry diets full of fillers and byproducts unfit for human consumption tax your companion’s organs and can lead to illness and early death. Like humans, the animal body was never built for the chemical-laden food of modern society. A moisture-rich, species-appropriate diet that is easy to digest can work wonders for your pet. We see the difference every day.

Only fresh, raw, minimally processed foods can provide all the essential micro-nutrients your pets need for a long, healthy life.

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frozen raw foods

Our raw frozen foods use the highest quality raw meats and produce to ensure that your pet is getting all the nutrients they need. Our frozen foods come in both tater-tot size nuggets and 8-ounce patties and are the MOST AFFORDABLE option when it comes to raw feeding.

freeze dried foods

Our freeze-dried foods use the same great formulations that the frozen foods do, we simply use a cold freeze-dry process to remove the moisture. The freeze-drying process does add a premium price to the food, gives you the CONVENIENCE of storing the food in the pantry. By adding a little water, you can go from the bag to be the bowl in just 5 minutes.