Frozen 20 Lb Bulk Prey Diet

Our frozen PREY model raw diet is composed of 95% meat, and no added produce. 5% of the PREY diet is composed of value-added ingredients such as kelp, eggshell membrane, and raw goat milk to boost bioavailable nutrition. Each 20lb box of raw pet food has two individually sealed 10lb bags, with 20 patties each (40 patties total).

A prey diet is ideal for working/active dogs, multi-pet households, or cats that need more calories to keep on weight. Keep in mind that this diet is higher in protein and fat making it not ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

bulk raw dog food

The PREY model raw diets are made with grass-fed/grass-finished meat, and pasture-raised poultry. We source all meats and poultry from the Pacific North West.