The Steve’s Difference

Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate pet parents with varying backgrounds that help make Steve’s Real Food the best raw pet food out there. Although we are small in size, we are agile and flexible that make the business function quickly and efficiently.

Nicole Lindsley took over the business in 2010 when there was a group of investors that had treated Steve’s like a lost cause. Nicole modernized the company, created a strong team, and helped launch it into its future as a woman-run, product-focused company. In 2014 she bought the company from the investors to make it a truly independently run company. Meet the staff that has been integral in the success of the company.

The Team at Steve's Real Food

About Steve’s Real Food

Steve’s Real Food has been on the market since 1998 and was the first commercial raw diet to meet AAFCO standards. Steve Brown, the founder, was meticulous in developing his first formula, taking over four years to get it perfect. Nicole Lindsley, who now owns the company, has followed in his footsteps and works to ensure the company is sustainable, producing premium healthy foods, and supporting the community we live in.

To this day, our product is continuously improved as we incorporate the latest scientific research and veterinary testing. We don’t say anything about our product we can’t back up with laboratory testing, so you can be sure all our nutritional claims are accurate. We have a policy of integrity and transparency in both the product and the company.

Quality Ingredients

Ingredient Sourcing

All of the building blocks that go into making Steve’s Real Foods are sourced and purchased solely from companies that are as committed to quality as we are. Our farms have USDA status, and they are owned and operated within the United States.

If you want an honest product, you need to start with an honest company. Steve’s Real Food believes in full disclosure, and we want to educate our customers, not just sell to them. Our target market is the customer who thoroughly researches before buying. The more thorough a pet parent is, the more likely they are to purchase our product.

We buy our ingredients from the following list of companies.

Manufacturing and Safety

We have been manufacturing pet food for over 15 years and have seen a lot of changes in the raw pet food industry. Our primary goal in the manufacturing is to employ minimal processing while ensuring the safety of your pet. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce pathogen contamination without adding unnecessary processing.

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Steve’s Real Food is committed to leading the pet food industry by employing the highest quality manufacturing standards with minimal impact on the earth. We are dedicated to forward-thinking ideas that allow us to create products which are not only environmentally responsible but also provide the highest level of nutrition for your pets. Everything that goes into our product, including the packaging, must be sustainable and sourced from reputable US partners that have the same environmental commitment as we do.

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