Steve’s Real Food recognizes the devotion that responsible breeders have to bring healthy and behaviorally-stable dogs and cats into the world. We support the commitment you have to these animals and want to help make it possible to provide new litters and their parents with quality nutrition that contributes to their health and vitality. 

As a raw pet food company, our mission is to supply healthy, whole food to all dogs, no matter their background. Our program is to help puppies from breeders be weaned directly onto a raw food diet to help that pet have a healthy, long life. To do that, we do work with some select breeders that go through our vetting process. We only work with breeders whose intention is to improve the health and longevity of their chosen breed. We love supporting rescues and avidly donate and work with rescues when possible. 

Program Benefits:

Sign up and save whenever you purchase a Steve's Real Food product from a local pet store. Qualified breeders get a special in-store discount that is Buy 10 products, get the 11th free! *offer valid only at participating retail locations within the United States.

What makes a responsible breeder?

Here are some signs of a responsible breeder:

  • You are a member of a breed club
  • Your breeding pets are regularly health tested
  • You provide all pets in your care with quality food, clean water, proper shelter, exercise opportunities, socialization, and veterinary care
  • You carefully evaluate the new puppy/kitten owners before sending them to the forever homes

If you’re a responsible breeder who feeds Steve's Real Food, we invite you to apply for our raw pet food breeder discount program. 


Apply to Our Responsible Breeder Program

If your program represents the responsible breeding of dogs and cats, click the button below to apply to Steve's Real Food Breeder Program. Breeders who qualify will be eligible for an exclusive product discount that can be used in-store.

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