Here is an e-mail that came to us from Glendale, California. A veterinarian is a valuable resource to the health of our pets, however as Mara's e-mail show - sometimes its best to get a second opinion, or third, or fourth.

"Dexter our 3-1/2 year old golden retriever began having serious trouble with cholitis early in 2003. Since he was a puppy we had been feeding him natural/organic kibble and canned food made from human grade food. Despite all efforts to firm up his stools with diet, the allopathic vet finally said that he would have to be on a constitutional treatment of antibiotics for the remainder of his life in order to control the cholitis. Obviously this was not an option, so after intense research online and through Whole Dog Journal, we started feeding Dexter Steve's and had almost instant success. Dexter is a happy, healthy pooch with clear eyes, a shiny coat, lots of energy, and most importantly normal, solid stools. Thank you Steve's for restoring Dexter's health and his people-parents' peace of mind.

Mara and Dexter

I did forget to mention in the story that it's now the summer of 04 and we haven't had a single episode of diarrhea since Dexter's been on Steve's."


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