Raw.U - Retailer Training

“Raw.U was so helpful. I leaned so much about raw food. It is so nice to learn about the science behind raw feeding and how to talk to customers better.”

- Jamie Owens, Natural Pet Store

Steve's Real Food’s Raw.U, is a unique, online training program for retailers that will walk you through the learning process so that leaning about raw pet food is simple and enjoyable. Our intention is to empower you as a store owner or retail employee to be able to guide your customers through their journey to raw feeding and help them understand why raw food provides optimal health.

You can access this training program on your own time and at your own pace. We are able to track progress and give feedback as you learn. You will also be earning points which can be redeemed for free food so that you not only learn about Steve’s, but you have the opportunity to experience the Steve’s Real Food difference.

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Course Structure

There are three courses that make up Raw.U. Each level progressively gets more and more detailed about the science behind raw feeding. Throughout the courses you will learn about the Steve’s product line but mostly it is just about raw food.


The Basics of Raw Feeding Raw Benefits History of Pet Food


Motivating the Pet Parent Answering Raw Questions Handling Objections


Science Behind Raw Holistic Health Care Veterinary Care and Raw

Getting Started

If you are a retailer employee or owner it is easy to get started. Simply fill out this form and you will be given a link to create your account.

Raw.U Sign Up

If you are not a retailer and want to take the course, have no fear, we are working on the consumer version of Raw.U. We will soon have a free online training program that will be exactly what a pet parent wants whether you are new to raw or have been feeding it for over a decade.