The pet food industry has left a bad taste in a lot of pet parent’s mouths. From the affultoixen mess to the chicken jerkey problems that still have not really answer to what happened, pet parents don’t know who to trust. The good news is that they are doing more research and asking more questions. This is demanding us manufacturers to step it up. We know that to gain your trust we have to put it all out there.
So that is what we are doing


Do you want to know where the apples come from that go in your pet’s food. Simply check out our ingredient soucing page. We will tell you who the farm is and a little bit about them.

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Once again, we are being totally honest. We do not own our plant, but we are proudly tell you where the plant is and will give you a tour if you want. We also share our safty polocies and manufacturing procedures.

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We want to make sure you are 100% comfortable with feeding Steve’s and the includes knowing the ingredients are clean. Click below to view some of the regular testing we do on the food.

> Contaminent Test

> Heavy Metal Test

> Probiotic Test

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This website has a vast amount of information on raw food.
Visit our Classroom for more on nutrition, tips, FAQ’s and all the dirt about Steve’s Real Food